Public Service Academic Requirements

The James Madison Program in Public Service is designed for students interested in careers in government, not for profit agencies, or other such careers that serve the public. Those who successfully complete the Minor receive the Public Service Certificate and have their participation noted on their transcripts.

Admissions Requirements

  • Full-time student
  • GPA of at least 2.7
  • Successful application

Course Requirements

  • Constitutional Dimensions of Public Service INDS 375 - must be completed by end of junior year
  • INDS 377 - 380 (lab classes, strongly encouraged, one per semester, junior & senior years)
  • INDS 395 - Public Service Internship Research Project

Three of the following, but no more than two from any one department:

  • Public Finance (Econ 208)
  • Financial Accounting (Econ 231)
  • Public Policy (Econ 402) or Public Policy (GVFA 231)
  • Leadership & Ethics (INDS 440)
  • US National Intel (INDS 465)
  • Philosophy Ethics (Phil 314) or Christian Ethics (Rel 225)
  • Public Administration (GVFA 230) or American Legislature (GVFA 333)
  • The Presidency (GVFA 332)
  • Organizational Psychology (Psych 310)
  • Public Speaking (Rhet 210)
  • Good Men & Good Citizen (INDS 385)

In extraordinary circumstances, a student whose project can better be accomplished through pure research can petition the Public Service Program Committee to pursue research in place of Interdisciplinary Studies 395.

For individual course descriptions, go to the Academic Catalog.