2003 Presentations

Forum on Summer Internship and Research Projects
Public Service Class of 2003

Wednesday, November 20, 2002
Parents and Friends Lounge, 4:00 p.m.

Davis B. Hunt     Kevin Turner

Davis B. Hunt interned with North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms;
Kevin Turner interned in the office of the House Majority Whip.

Donald R. Greene     Kerr C. Ramsay

Donald R. Greene interned with the Virginia Port Authority in Brussels;
Kerr C. Ramsay interned at the North Carolina Senate.

Robert V. Skidmore     Adam C. Stucky

Robert V. Skidmore interned with a Washington lobbyist;
Adam C. Stucky interned with Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina.

Jonathan T. Lucier     Victor G. Primov

Jonathan T. Lucier interned with the U.S. Information Office, Prague;
Victor G. Primov interned with the American Embassy and the House of Lords in London.

John D. Gibson     Atif S. Gaddis

John D. Gibson interned at the Institute for United States Studies, University of London;
Atif S. Gaddis interned at the George Marshall Policy Institute (Environmental Education).