2004 Internships

Sen. Trent Lott with his interns, including Brad Israel '04.
Public Service Class of 2004 Internship Sites
Summer, 2003

  • Matthew G. "Matt" Anderson - J.W. Fulbright Commission - Prague, Czech Republic
  • R.M. "Michael" Birch - Office of Jerry Dockham (R - 94th District) North Carolina General Assembly, Raleigh
  • Nicholas R. "Nick" Camara - Virginia Port Authority (European Office) - Brussels, Belgium
  • James R. "Rusty" Foster - Regional Swing Program National Republican Senatorial Committee, Ronald Reagan Republican Center, Washington, D.C.
  • Matthew S. "Matt" Hartman - Office of the Secretary General of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform (ELDR) Party, European Parliament - Brussels, Belgium
  • Jason L. Holman - Park and Recreation Center - Amelia VA
  • Tyler D. Hustrulid - North Carolina office of the Environmental Defense organization, Raleigh
  • Robert B. "Brad" Israel - United States Congress, Washington
  • Jeffrey R. "Jeff" Monroe - Networks, Inc.; Christian Non-Profit Day Camp, Raleigh
  • Ryan K. Rilee - State Pulse, private political information services firm, Richmond , & Virginia General Assembly in the office of the Virginia Senate Majority Leader, Walter Stosch (R - Henrico).
  • Thomas O. "Thom" Robbins - Institute of United States Studies, University of London
  • Conrad M. Singh - United States Business and Industry Council, Washington
  • Hunter Y. Taylor - Department of Conservation and Recreation, National Heritage Division - Richmond
  • Bryan P. Thompson - United States Congress, in the office of Congressman Rick Boucher (D - 9th District, VA), Washington
  • Donald F. "Donnie" Walter - Maryland House of Delegates, Baltimore, in the office of Delegate Barry Glassman (R - District 35B, Harford County)
Maryland State Delegate, Barry
Glassman with summer intern,
Public Service Program student
Donnie Walter '04.

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