2007 Internships

Public service student Cabell Barrow '07, who interned at the
Fulbright Office in Prague, Czech Republic, is shown with
Czech President Vaclav Klaus.

Public Service Class of 2007 Internship Sites: Summer, 2006

  • Benjamin C. "Cabell" Barrow - Fulbright Office, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Tyler W. Barrus - interned last summer at Sensor Inc., Sterling VA, (defense contract work)
  • Jason R. Bart - Office of the Executive Director of the Lancaster County, PA Redevelopment Authority
  • Alex C. Crouch - Lobbying firm of Valente and Associates, Washington, D.C.
  • Thomas P. "Tom" Doheny
  • - Press Office of the Vice President, White House, Washington, D.C.
  • Michael H. Doyle - VA Port Authority, Norfolk, VA
  • Zach. H. "Hampton" Howerton - District Attorney, Greensboro, NC, and an additional summer internship in 2005 with Congressman Howard Coble (R-NC, 6th District), Washington, D.C.
    Public service student Tom Doheny '07, who
    interned at the White House Press Office of Vice President Dick Cheney, is shown with Jesse Jackson.
  • William L. "Lance" Marston - Mr. Dave Brooks, Deputy Finance Director, Richmond Sector of the Harris Miller for Senate 2006 Campaign, Richmond VA
  • Garth O. Patterson - Fulbright Office, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Nathan H. "Nate" Schnetzler - Trout Unlimited National Offices, Arlington, VA
  • Zachary J. "Zack" Streeter - Crosslink Strategy Group, Washington, D.C.
  • Sterling L. Whitehead - National Taxpayer's Union, Washington, D.C., and Sen. John Warner's office (R-VA), also in Washington, D.C.

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