2018 May Term Abroad
Alcalá de Henares, Spain

Alcala de Henares Skyline:  Ana Saiz García, David Fernández Vaamonde

Credits: 6
Dates: May 27-June 27,  2018
Estimated Cost: $6910 (See details below)
Applications available online December 1, 2017
Application and deposit due February 7, 2018
Scholarships: Hampden-Sydney students are eligible to apply for the H-SC Garlick and Blogging awards.  Please see the Abroad Scholarships page for application links; applications are due January 10.

Prof. Jana DeJong
Prof. John Green

Students will earn 6 credits by taking either two courses in Spanish or two courses in English.  Courses taught by Instituto Franklin faculty are given transfer credit per H-SC's study abroad transfer credit policy.  

Spanish Course Options

1) Students seeking to complete the requirement in foreign languages will take:   
    SPAN201-202 Intermediate Spanish I and II (H-SC credit)  
2) Students majoring or minoring in Spanish will choose two 300 and/or 400-level courses in language, culture or literature from the following courses offered by the Instituto Franklin.  
             A) For students who have completed SPAN202:
             One of the following:
             SPAN303 Civilization and Culture of Spain (transfer credit)
             SPAN306 Writing Techniques in a Digital Environment (transfer credit)  
             AND one of the following:
             SPAN385 Spain and its Gastronomy (transfer credit; an elective for the major or minor)
             SPAN305 Traditions of Spain: Oral Communication (transfer credit)   

             B) For students who have completed at least one 300-level Spanish class:
             One of the following:
            Any of the classes in (A)
            SPAN485 Cervantes: The Adventures of Don Quijote (transfer credit)
            SPAN385 Business Spanish (transfer credit; an elective for major or minor)
            SPAN409 Translation and Interpretation in a Bilingual Context (transfer credit; 400-level elective for major)  
            AND one of the following:
           SPAN485 Advanced Spanish (transfer credit; 400-level elective for major)
           SPAN485 Masterpieces of Spanish Literature through Film (transfer credit)
           SPAN485 Contemporary Spain through Film (transfer credit; 400-level elective for major)  

English Course Options 
    HIST385 History of Spain's Reconquista 711-1492 (H-SC credit)  
    AND  a Spanish course  or one of the following English courses offered by the Instituto Franklin:
     INDS385 Introduction to Spain (transfer credit)
    BUSN285 Successful Spanish Companies and Business Models (transfer credit)

May 27  -- Flight to Madrid
May 28 -- Arrival in Madrid. Bus to Alcalá de Henares. Students meet their  host families.
May 29 -- Orientation
May 30 -- Classes begin
June 14 -- Mid-term exams
June 25 -- Last day of classes
June 26 -- Final exams
June 27 -- Students depart

Students will live with a Spanish family in an Alcalá family home with three meals a day and laundry service once a week.

Flights are not included in the estimated cost, but will be included in most students' final cost.  Once the size of the group has been determined, the Office of Global Education will organize a group flight for the program. All students are encouraged to join the group flight and must work with Dr. Widdows to make any alternative arrangements.  Faculty will accompany students on the group flight to Spain.

Students will need a valid passport to leave the U.S; the passport must also be valid for at least three months after the program return date of June 27, 2018.  Students who do not already have a passport or need to renew theirs are advised to apply for one as soon as they are accepted into the program.  Processing times can take up to eight weeks.  For more information, please review the State Department's website: http://travel.state.gov
U.S. citizens do not need a visa for stays of 90 days or less: https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/country/spain.html

Students are advised to schedule an appointment with their primary care physician or health provider several weeks before departure to obtain any recommended and/or required vaccines or immunizations.  Students are responsible for ensuring that all routine travel and immunizations are up-to-date.

Please review the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website for information on recommended and require immunizations for travelers: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/list

Please see the information on our May Term Abroad page


The cost (not including airfare) is $6910 and will cover two courses, medical insurance, housing in an Alcalá family home with three meals a day and laundry service once a week, and group excursions to Madrid, Toledo, Segovia and Castilla la Mancha. The fee does not include textbooks or personal expenditures. The final program cost will be determined based upon the number of students enrolled and will also include airfare.

Questions? For more information, including course descriptions and advice on course selection, contact Dr. Jana M. DeJong, Department of Modern Languages, Box 143, Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943; 434-223-6211; jdejong@hsc.edu.