The Virginia Program at Oxford is a Hampden-Sydney sponsored, interdisciplinary summer school program based in St. Anne's College, Oxford University. The six-week program examines the literature, history and society of late-16th and early-17th century England. Instruction follows the English system of higher education, which combines daily lectures by renowned, British scholars with small, weekly tutorials. Students, drawn from a six-school consortium of small Virginia colleges and universities, earn three credits in history and three credits in English. Unlike many other study abroad programs, credits for these courses are entered directly onto your transcript and the grades are calculated into your GPA. Some financial aid is available, and federal grants and loans may be applied.

Students from all years and majors are encouraged to apply.

Program Dates:
June 26-August 5, 2017

Hampden-Sydney students will need to register in the spring via TigerWeb for the following two courses.
ENGL 301: Literature of the English Renaissance (3 credits)
HIST 307: Early Modern Britain (3 credits)

Available online January 15; Due February 15
Please note that the application will ask you to upload four items.  Downloadable forms and templates are available at the above link.

  1. Unofficial transcript (PDF of your TigerWeb version)
  2. Signed Agreement of Responsible Travel Form (PDF )
  3. Physician's Statement> (PDF)
  4. Passport style image (jpg, png or gif files only)

Announcements of acceptances will be made in early March.

For more information, please contact your campus sponsor and explore the VA Program at Oxford webpage

Shirley Kagan
Department of Theatre 
Hampden-Sydney College | Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943