Contact the following faculty members concerning research. These faculty members are willing to work with students in Senior Capstone projects.

Robert Blackman 
Department: History
Research interests: French Revolution Age of Enlightenment
Potential topics for students: French history Revolutions Western Europe, 18th and 19th century WWII in France WWI in France European Imperialism

Steven Bloom 
Department: Physics and Astronomy
Research interests: Origin of High Energy Radiation from Quasars, Using telescopes to monitor radiation from quasars, Physics and Astronomy in Science Fiction
Potential topics for students: Using our Observatory (any of the telescopes) to monitor planets in other star systems, really almost any observatory project, computer modeling of physical systems and applications (such as air drag on airplanes and rockets), other computer modeling projects

Claire Deal 
Department: Rhetoric
Research interests: Performance Studies, Experiential and Place-Based Learning, Gender Studies, Communication and the Environment, Co-cultures and Intentional Communities, Invitational Rhetoric and Civil Discourse, The Rhetoric of Social Movements, Service-Learning, Regional Studies
Potential topics for students: Rhetoric of Social Movements -- particularly LGBTQ rights and environmental movements Topics related to co-cultures and intentional communities Topics related to Place/ regional constructions of identities Incorporating a gender studies' critique/lens in relevant topics across disciplines Communication and Gender Projects that include a Service-Learning component

Nicholas Deifel 
Department: Chemistry
Research interests: Metal-ligand complex synthesis and characterization X-ray crystallography of small molecules
Potential topics for students: Synthesis, and characterization of metal-ligand complexes and their application as catalysts Synthesis and characterization of metal-ligand complexes and their application as anti-microbial agents

Gregory Dempster 
Department: Economics and Business
Research interests: Economics of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Economic History Financial Economics Business Economics Political Economy
Potential topics for students: Anything dealing with the above fields

Eric Dinmore 
Department: History
Research interests: Modern Japanese history, modern East Asian history, energy history, environmental history, and modern social policy history.
Potential topics for students: East Asian (esp. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) history, contemporary East Asian politics and society, environmental history, and issues of socioeconomic development (historical or contemporary).

Rupak Dua 
Department: Chemistry
Research interests: Improving nature of Orthopedic implants for better bone integration and with better antibacterial properties Biomimetics designs for solving problems in health care industry mainly for orthopedics applications
Potential topics for students: 1. Functionalizing orthopedic implant surfaces for better integration with bone 2. Functionalizing implant surfaces for better antibacterial properties 3. Modifying surface texture of the metallic implants based on biomimetics 4. Formulate a biocompatible bioglue for sticking tendons to bone

Matthew Dubroff 
Department: Fine Arts
Research interests: Theatre, Asia, Asian Theatre, Japan, Japanese Theatre, Noh Theatre, Alexander Technique, Tai Ji, Japanese
Potential topics for students: See Above and also Cultural History, History, Religion, Psychology, Physics, Biology, Philosophy, Language Studies, Political Science

Matthew Dubroff 
Department: Fine Arts
Research interests: Theatre - all aspects Asian Theatre Japanese Theatre Noh Kabuki Alexander Technique Taijiquan
Potential topics for students: Same

Greg Eanes USAF, Ret.
Department: Government and Foreign Affairs
Research interests: The American Revolution in Virginia, Spanish-American War, Prisoners of War (all conflicts), International Treatment of POWs, Intelligence Studies, Global-Terrorism and modern day crisis areas. I am not in the Government and Foregin Affairs Department (several of my colleagues are). I'm a Visiting Lecturer for the National Security Studies Program at the Wilson Center and hold a Master's in Miltiary History and graduate certificates from the Air War College and Air Command and Staff College. I'll be glad to help guide a student through the research process in those area where I have expertise.
Potential topics for students: Any of the above.

Caroline Emmons 
Department: History
Research interests: Twentieth Century U.S. History; African American History; Caribbean History; Public History
Potential topics for students: I would be best qualified to work with students on topics related to those research areas listed. My research specialities particularly focus on civil rights history and the time period of the 1950s-70s.

James Frusetta 
Department: History
Research interests: Modern Balkan history; European terrorist and paramilitary movements; fascist ideology and practice; state-driven centralization and modernization; nationalism and national identity; ethnic cleansing and genocide in Eastern Europe; teaching and learning in the discipline of history; representations of fascist ideology in "geek" culture.
Potential topics for students: In addition to my own research interests, I'm pleased to work with students on themes in modern Central, Eastern European and Soviet history; the First and Second World Wars; comparative ethnic cleansing and genocide; minority rights and legislation in Europe; popular culture and its representations of political ideology, identity and/or violence; modern military history; terrorism and other forms of asymmetrical or irregular warfare; issues of memory and history; and topics in comparative nationalism.

Rachel Goodman 
Department: Biology
Potential topics for students: Behavioral ecology Wildlife management & conservation Disease ecology

Antoine Guibal 
Department: Modern Languages
Research interests: 19th-century French literature French Romanticism Biography and autobiography Stendhal French literature in general
Potential topics for students: All of the above

Ivo Gyurovski 
Department: Psychology
Research interests: My research centers on understanding how social status affects humans, and it is structured along two lines of inquiry. The first is focused on person perception where I examine how one’s social group of belonging (e.g. race, financial status, etc.) affects processes of attention and judgment as well as their neural correlates. My second line of research investigates the psychological predictors of personal finance management as a possible mechanism for improving socio-economic status, physical health, and psychological functioning.
Potential topics for students: Socio-Economic Status Social Cognition Person Perception Stereotypes and Prejudice Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience Negotiations Health Economics Behavioral Economics Judgment and Decision Making Individual Differences

Bob Hall 
Department: Religion
Research interests: Anything at the intersection of ancient Jewish and early Christian thinking: The Ascension of Isaiah, an early Christian apocalypse asserting the Trinity and Christ's descent and ascent. The Parables of Enoch: an ancient Jewish apocalypse asserting the divinity of Enoch and Enoch's ascent. The Gospel of John The Book of Hebrews. Paul
Potential topics for students: Anything biblical: especially Psalms and Genesis Ancient oracles and oracle interpretation in the ancient Mediterranean world. Ancient apocalypses, Jewish or Christian, such as 1 Enoch, 4 Ezra, Revelation Other ancient Jewish writings such as Jubilees or Joseph and Asenath Other early Christian writings such as Odes of Solomon, Justin Martyr, or Shepherd of Hermas Dead Sea Scrolls such as the Community Rule, Hodayoth (ancient psalms), or Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifices. Jewish mysticism: Hekhalot and Merkavah literature.

Marc Hight 
Department: Philosophy
Research interests: Philosophy, European history, philosophy of economics, political economy, philosophy of religion, history of philosophy, intellectual history.
Potential topics for students: Immaterialism (in various applications), issues in political economy (public choice, the problem of political authority, etc.), issues in the history of philosophy, issues in the philosophy of religion/theology, others.

Rebecca Jayne 
Department: Mathematics and Computer Science
Research interests: Representation Theory of Lie Algebras
Potential topics for students: Abstract Algebra, Applied Abstract Algebra, Combinatorics

Jonathan Keohane 
Department: Physics and Astronomy
Research interests: X-ray Astronomy, Radio Astronomy, Archival Astronomical Research, Supernova Remnants, Physics and Astronomy Pedagogy, Classical Electrodynamics, History of Physics and Astronomy, and Modeling Physical Systems.
Potential topics for students: I am interested in students conducting research using archival data sets or modeling, especially if they use the Python for their analysis. I am am also particularly interested in helping students who are interested in conducting interdisciplinary research, provided there is another advisor in the other discipline. These could be in other physical sciences, social sciences, or the humanities.

Indu Khurana 
Department: Economics and Business
Research interests: Broad areas 1. Economics - Entrepreneurship, Small business - failure and survival, Entrepreneurial Learning, Market signals, General economic performance. 2. Accounting - Financial statement analysis, Financial fraud 3. Business - Starting and running a business 4. Data analysis - Panel Data, Census
Potential topics for students: 1. Factors that affect business failure and survival 2. How fast do entrepreneurs/business owners respond to market signals 3. Current economic situation and comparison with rest of the world. 4. Factors that motivate a person to opt for entrepreneurship

Brian Lins 
Department: Mathematics and Computer Science
Research interests: Matrix analysis
Potential topics for students: Quantum information theory Matrix analysis

Julia Palmer 
Department: Modern Languages
Research interests: Standard and non-standard language use and social implications of each; History of the Spanish language; Foreign language pedagogy; Linguistics analyses of literature; Translation (English > Spanish; Spanish > English)
Potential topics for students: History of the Spanish language; translation; linguistic analyses of texts

Marcus Pendergrass 
Department: Mathematics and Computer Science
Potential topics for students: probability, mathematics of music, pedagogy of mathematics

Mary Prevo 
Department: Fine Arts
Research interests: Local architectural history.
Potential topics for students: History of local architecture, including the College campus.

Mary Prevo 
Department: Fine Arts
Potential topics for students: Art History Architectural History Visual Literacy Fine Arts Markets

Janice Siegel 
Department: Classics
Research interests: Latin Philology and Intertextuality Augustan Age Poetry (esp. Ovid) Classical Reception Classics/Mythology in Film The Classical Tradition
Potential topics for students: Intertextuality in Literature Literary Analysis Comparative Literature The Classical Tradition (Classical Elements in Film and Modern Literature) Classical Mythology

Herb Sipe 
Department: Chemistry
Research interests: ESR studies of free radical metabolites of xenobiotic compounds. ESR studies of radical anions of organometal-substituted aromatic compounds. ESR instrumentation.
Potential topics for students: Toxicology Medicinal chemistry History and philosophy of science Hard science fiction

Victor Szabo 
Department: Fine Arts
Research interests: music history, music theory, music analysis, aesthetics, philosophy of music, 20th-century music, american music, popular music, electronic music, music and psychology/listening, music composition
Potential topics for students: Anything related to music history, theory, or analysis, especially music made since 1800 Anything related to philosophy or aesthetics of music Some psychology and music topics (not neuroscience)

Saranna Thornton 
Department: Economics and Business
Potential topics for students: Trends in athletics spending and participation in the NCAA. Also, Title IX issues related to equality in opportunities for female and male athletes.

Leah Toth 
Department: English
Research interests: Modern Literature Literature and Sound Film and Sound Literature and the Arts Modernism and Media
Potential topics for students: 20th Century Literature 20th Century Popular Music

Leah toth 
Department: English
Research interests: Modern literature Media studies 20th century popular and experimental music Technologies of sound
Potential topics for students: Communication technologies Literature Journalism

Michael Utzinger 
Department: Religion
Research interests: American Evangelicalism Religion and Civil Rights in the United States
Potential topics for students: American and/or European Religious History History of Christian Thought Interfaith Studies or Religious Pluralism

Helena Von Rueden 
Department: Fine Arts
Research interests: Leadership and Music Ensembles Choral Music and Choral Conducting Vocal Performance
Potential topics for students: Leadership and Music Music and Social Change American Music History Leadership and Conducting The Practice of Choral Conducting

Katherine Weese 
Department: English
Research interests: Contemporary British and American Fiction Narrative theory, especially feminist narrative theory and unnatural narrative theory Fictions of the fantastic
Potential topics for students: Projects related to contemporary fiction or film studies projects.

Alexander Werth 
Department: Biology
Research interests: specifically, structure & function of marine mammals, especially feeding in toothed and baleen whales; biomechanics & materials science of biological tissues 3D printing of biological structures or biological analogues basic fluid dynamics and effects of flow on organisms fossils & paleontology
Potential topics for students: marine biology & oceanography anatomy & physiology anything related to evolution (human and otherwise) science & religion philosophy of science bioethics environmental issues