Hampden-Sydney summer research students present their ongoing projects to faculty, staff, students, and prospective students in the Summer Virtual Student Research Seminar Series.

Will Hudson '14
Strategies for an effective research presentation

Luke Carter '22, Elijah Edwards '22, Eric Foxwell '21, and Eliot Chandler '22
Oral microbiomes, Dracula, dark matter, and the speed of sound in liquid

Ryan Irizarry '21, Mike Thornton '21, Trey Grimes '23, and Aidan Sloan '23
Neural networks, neoliberal economics in Chile, new mimetics for insulin, and characterizing novel bacteriophage

Max Dash '18, Hayden Dougherty '18, and Stewart Neifert '12--a career panel 
ESPN, AmbioPharm, and Johns Hopkins

Evan Lester '21, J. Daniel Smith '22, Joey Kelly '22, and Brahm Dean '21
Political affiliation vs. outcome bias, new fluorescent chemical probes, redefining propaganda, and chemical catalysts

Jeb Wall '22, Jake Beavers '22, and Taylor McGee '23
Oxidative stress as a factor in cancers, simulating the Martian atmosphere for plant growth, and the role of interferons in cancer

Wyatt West '21, Henry Carman '23, and John Walker '21
Defining counterfactuals, endocrine receptor chemistry, and the genetics of plant fitness

Harrison Whaley '21, Scotty Bowman '21, Daniel Pearce '22, and Charlie Lemon '21
Bacillus bacteriophages, a public history of Bagby Hall, protease inhibitors as new antibacterial drugs, and the bubble-net feeding behavior of whales

Andrew Smith '22, Jackson Eisele '23, Jacob Siler '22, and Andrew Rehak '23
Fluorescent probes to detect disease, new musical arrangements for the H-SC Pep Band, connecting oral bacteria to neurodegneration and cardiovascular disease, and fighting free radicals

Jacob Whitney '21, Aron Weldai '22, and Caleb Manu '23
A meta-analysis of issues surrounding COVID-19, acetaminophen and drug-induced liver injury, and discovering new bacteriophages at H-SC

Final papers and presentations

Jake Beavers '22--biology

Luke Carter '22 and Jacob Siler '22--biology

Eliot Chandler '22 paper--physics

Eliot Chandler supplementary data--physics

Brahm Dean '21--chemistry

Jackson Eisele '23--music

Eric Foxwell '21--physics

Trey Grimes '23 and Andrew Rehak '23--chemistry

Ryan Irizarry '21--computer science

Joey Kelly '22--history/Russian

Charlie Lemon '21--biology

Evan Lester '21--psychology

Caleb Manu '23--biology

Taylor McGee '23--biology

Daniel Pearce '22--chemistry

Aidan Sloan '23--biology

J. Daniel Smith '22--chemistry

John Walker '21--biology

J.B. "Jeb" Wall '22--biology

Aron Weldai '22--chemistry

Harrison Whaley '21--biology

Jacob Whitney '21--biology