Hampden-Sydney students present their research to faculty, staff, students, and prospective students in the 2020 Virtual Student Research Symposium.

Rhetoric 310—Advanced Public Speaking

Students in Dr. Sean Gleason's Rhetoric 310 course have examined a number of figures of speech common to the spoken word. Each student has created a short podcast based on a text, performance, or song that he believes demonstrates figures of speech associated with oral culture and public speaking. For this year’s virtual research symposium each student will present a short rhetorical analysis the text selected for his podcast that demonstrates one of the figures of speech learned this semester.

Listen to the full student podcasts

Daniel Newberry '20
Ronald Reagan in Berlin

Mason Sale '20
Lyrical interpretations in the rap genre

Philip Pullen '21
JFK at Rice University ("We choose to go to the moon...")

Kevin Hood '20
Jim Valvano's ESPY speech

Cole Becker '21
The lyrics of The Rolling Stones

Brad Jeffers '21
The lyrics of Nicki Minaj

Christian Quick '20
Winston Churchill's "Finest Hour" speech

Cody Brugos '21
Stuart Scott's ESPY speech

Brayden Lozaw '21
The lyrics of Frank Ocean

Daniel Beal '21
Lyrics in the rap genre

Peyton Carneal '22
Meek Mill's "Dreams and Nightmares"

Biology/Chemistry/Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Jared Dunlap '20
Creation of a Novel Absorbent Bandage for Minor Wound Treatment

Nathan Everette '20 and Christopher Parrish '21
Generating an Auxotrophic Yeast Strain from Popular Ale Yeast

David Fluharty '20
IGF-1 Production via Transformed E. coli for Tissue Engineering Applications

Douglas Hogan '21 and Matthew Rehak '21
Investigating the Antibacterial Properties of Micropterus salmoides Mucus and Growing an Escherichia coli Biofilm in the Hogan-Rehak Apparatus

Andrew Howell '20
The Development of 3D Printable Stretch Bioreactors

William Sparks '21 and Anders Isaksen '21
The Topics of Hemp/CBD

Eli Strong '20
Assessing the Prognostic Significance of FOXC2 Gene Expression in Cancer Patients Using the Cancer Genome Atlas

Brian Tarnai '20
Developing a Public Health Strategy to Combat Colorectal Cancer in Prince Edward County, Virginia

Ryan Tomlin '20
Exploring Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8 (ZIF-8) Nanoparticles as an Additive to Growth Media for Myoblasts

Charlie Wolfe '20
Synthesizing and Investigating the Catalytic Properties of (Cu 2+L) 2M 2+ Complexes

Classical Studies and Religion

Zachary Berry '20
The Troublesome Echo of a Song Heard Before: An Analysis of the Poetry of Horace and Tyrtaeus

Wade Bredin '20
Greek Speak: Applying Classical Rhetoric to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount

Garnet Crocker '20
On God and Nature: A Translation from the Latin of The Anti-Lucretius of Cardinal Melchior de Polignac

Benjamin Mogren '20
Christianity and the Founders on Capitalism and Consumerism: A Look at the Moral Integrity of Capitalism from a Christian and Pagan Standpoint

Economics and Business

Andrew Barden '21
Fintech in African Consumer Markets

Spell Carr '20
The Economy and Marijuana: The Joint Relationship


Ethan Betterton '20
Edna O'Brein's The Country Girl and the Collapse of Irish Book Censorship

Government and Foreign Affairs

Shelby Hanna '20
Ethical Considerations in the International Politics of Artificial Intelligence

Nathaniel Higgins '20
Engaging Chinese Influence in Southeast Asia

Graham Smith '20
Russian Reset: Where U.S. Foreign Policy Went Wrong and How We Can Fix It


Nicolas Villarroel '20
An Internationalized Civil War: U.S. and Mexican Reactions to the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939


Tanner Voliva '22

Representation of Female Composers in Choral Music Programming


Robert Morris '20
The Theatre of A Thousand Faces


Christopher Zoller '20
Simulating Different Aspect Ratio Wing Designs for Electric Flight in Conjunction with MATLAB, ANSYS, OpenFoam, and ParaView

Psychology and Neuroscience

Matthew Spagnolo '20
The Audience Effects of Social Facilitation and Team Cohesion on Athletic Performance

Ivan Woodruff '20
The Effects of Chronic Embryonic Caffeine Exposure on Anxiety-Like Behavior in Zebrafish ( Danio rerio)

Visual Arts

Students in Professor Pam Fox's VISU 223 (Photography 1) and VISU 323 (Photography 2) classes have posted recent class projects on Instagram at #profpfox1 and #profpfox2. They also used Instagram to evaluate their classmates’ works. These posts represent works in progress.  

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Presentation of the inaugural Anderson Prize for Excellence in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

The Virtual Student Research Symposium was used to surprise Dr. Bill Anderson, McGavacks Professor of Chemistry, with the creation of a new student award in honor of his retirement from the College.  The Anderson Prize for Excellence in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology will be given each April at Final Convocation to the student who has shown the most leadership and promise in the classroom and the laboratory in biochemistry and molecular biology in their time at Hampden-Sydney.

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