It is our aim to get to know you as well as possible through this application. With this in mind, please write a brief essay on one of the topics listed below, in order to show us how well you organize your thoughts and express yourself effectively. The essay is a very important part of the application process for all candidates.

(Answer only one question.)

  1. Tell us about a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.
  2. Describe a significant experience, achievement, or ethical dilemma in your life, and tell us about its impact on you.
  3. Describe some personal object or item you have saved for years and explain why you kept it.
  4. Explain what you do for fun and how it makes your life better.
  5. Tell about an experience you have had with people of different race, background, or culture.
  6. Write on a topic of your choice.

You may upload a Word document or pdf or type directly into the form, or you may write your essay in Word, then copy and paste into the form. You may also mail your essay to:

Admissions Office
P.O. Box 667
Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943

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