An insatiable intellectual appetite colored everything Denison Maurice Allan ever did. Born in England, he came to Hampden-Sydney at age 15 and finished, in three years, as the valedictorian of the class of 1916. After graduate studies at Harvard, he returned to the College teaching philosophy, psychology, math, modern languages, and physics; he also ran the counseling center and edited the alumni magazine. He was empowered, he said, by a "passion to give one's best to God and man."

Hampden-Sydney expects Allan Scholars, like Dr. Allan, to be clearly dedicated to the pursuit of wide-ranging excellence. To qualify for consideration as an Allan Scholar, you must exhibit both independent thought and intellectual curiosity beyond that required of other students.

Normally an entering freshman class will include from three to five Allan Scholars. Their performance in secondary school, including rank in class, must be exceptionally strong in relation to that of their peers, and composite scores on their standardized tests must be correspondingly strong (a composite SAT score of 1450 (ACT 32) or better, a 4.0+ grade point-average, and a class standing in the top 5%).

To be considered for any Academic Scholarship, all candidates must apply for admission to the College, through the Admissions Office.

Allan Scholars will receive a grant worth $30,000 toward tuition, required standard fees, room, and board.