Cell phones and cell phone services are provided to full-time permanent employees of H-SC who have a significant need to be accessible at all times (days, nights, and/or weekends) and/or who, on a regular basis, conduct College business away from campus and/or on nights and weekends. The phone and the monthly service fees are paid by the College. The Cabinet Officers will recommend who in their departments is eligible for this service. Requests are sent to the Director of Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator who will have the Vice President for Business Affairs and Finance give final approval.

The Director of Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator will notify the Computing Center when an employee has been approved for a phone. The Computing Center will assist with phone selection, ordering the phone, transferring any current contracts and phone numbers to the new phone, and will provide basic training. Additional training will be provided if requested.

The service consists of the following:

  • Unlimited data usage
  • Unlimited text messaging (including picture and video messaging)
  • Free nights (after 9 pm) and weekends
  • Night Hrs: (M-F) 9:01 p.m.-5:59 a.m. (Wknd Hrs: 12:00 a.m. Sat through 11:59 p.m. Sun.)
  • Free cell phone to cell phone calling for Verizon customers

Each user is allotted 400 calling minutes which are pooled together among all phone users.  Employees may use their phones for personal use (excluding operating a business or other for-profit enterprises). Employees exceeding their allotted calling minutes may be asked to justify their totals.

To minimize the use of the minutes the following guidelines should be followed:

  • When on campus or in the office, use the office phone for local calls.
  • Use the Free Minutes numbers listed below when calling other offices from on or off campus - then if necessary have the call transferred within the office.
  • Use text or email whenever possible.

The College's wireless plan does not include roaming or international calling.  Users traveling outside of the US (including Canada and Mexico) for personal or College business who want to use their phone while traveling, must contact the Computing Center to have their calling plan changed to include international calling prior to traveling.  Otherwise they may incur excessive roaming charges which they will be personally billed for - even if the trip is for College business. 

Use of cell phones while driving is strongly discouraged. If calls must be made, hands free devices should be utilized. Some states allow full phone access, others allow only hands free, and others require users to pull over to place or receive calls. Texting while driving in the Commonwealth of VA is illegal and is prohibited by the College. Users must be familiar with local regulations for the areas in which they are driving. Fines received as a result of illegal phone usage are the responsibility of the employee.

The College only pays for the monthly phone service and phone.  Additional phone accessories, ring tones, and Apps, may be purchased but must be paid for by the employee - not the College. Please refrain from dialing 411 for directory assistance when possible as this cost $1.25 per call. Instead of dialing 411, use the web browser function built into your smartphone to search for the phone number or download one of the free telephone directory Apps (WhitePages).  Users have the option to sign up for the Mobile Hotspot feature. The $10 monthly fee for this service will be deducted monthly from payroll.

The Computing Center must be notified immediately if the phone is not working properly and needs repairs, or is lost, stolen, or damaged. A $75 fee will be assessed to the employee for replacing phones that are lost, stolen, or damaged.  

The policies in place for computer usage also apply to cell phones. (See below: Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources). Abuse of the policy may result in forfeiture of the phone.  

When employment ends at the College, phones must be returned to the Computing Center prior to or on the last day of employment.  Exceptions to this may be approved on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator. The Computing Center will assist with transferring phone numbers and data from the College phone to a personal phone.

Free Calling Minute Numbers
(Minutes are not charged when calling these numbers)

Department or service Number
College Switchboard (434) 223-6000
College Voicemail (434) 223-6001
Presidents Office (434) 223-6110
Computing Center Helpdesk (434) 223-6373
Dean of Students Office (434) 223-6128
Physical Plant (434) 223-6159
Business Office (434) 223-6216
Admissions Office (434) 223-6120
Athletics Office (434) 223-6151
Institutional Advancement (434) 223-6137

Note: These numbers normally receive the greatest traffic but they may be changed as necessary. The College is limited to a total of 10 "free" numbers.