What is the Senior Gift Campaign?
Each year, the Senior Gift Campaign aims to create an annual scholarship that honors an outstanding individual at Hampden-Sydney.  It is the goal of the committee to raise at least $2,500 to award to one deserving student.

How do we raise this money?
The committee, along with the Annual Fund staff, will participate in outreach to the senior class through hosted events and word-of-mouth marketing to secure gifts to the scholarship.

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Why should you join the Senior Gift Campaign?

  • Experience - By joining the Senior Gift Campaign, you will gain marketing experience, fundraising experience, and team-building experience (all of which are desirable to future employers).
  • Connections - The senior gift campaign allows you to interact with many of your classmates that you may not have encountered otherwise. Additionally, you will work closely with the Annual Fund Staff and build meaningful professional connections.
  • Leadership - as a member of the Senior Gift Campaign you will be a leader for your class that has a voice in selecting the Class Scholarship Honoree and has a hand in official Senior Week Event Planning.
  • Make a difference - College is expensive and every bit of financial assistance helps. Your gift and the money raised by the Senior Gift Campaign will fund a scholarship to give to a future Hampden-Sydney man. Pay it forward to ensure the H-SC experience for future men.
  • WE HAVE FUN - the Senior Gift Campaign is a fun, relaxed experience that involves minimal demands on your time.  

How long will the scholarship last?
Every year after graduation, your class Annual Fund gifts will support the scholarship. Usually, the scholarship is given to a student who has shown himself to be the embodiment of a Hampden-Sydney Man, has demonstrated outstanding academic performance, and is currently in need of financial aid.

Please College Advancement if you are interested in becoming a member.

Shawn White with students

Shawn White is the honoree of the Class of 2018 scholarship.