Aaron L. Barber
Honors in Economics: Rationality and Honor: A Game Theory Analysis of the Hampden-Sydney College Honor Code
This paper analyzes the Hampden-Sydney College Honor Code using Game Theory. Game Theory is the common name for multiple person decision-making strategy. Game Theory can be used to model any number of situations in which interaction takes place between people. The benefit of modeling these interactions is to define what happens and strategize about the best possible interaction for both sides. Ultimately Game Theory helps to identify what people want and how they achieve it through specific interaction with others. By analyzing the Hampden-Sydney College Honor Code using game theoretic techniques it can be seen how the school and the students interact and what the benefits of this interaction are. In the paper both the science and history of Game Theory are described before the analysis of the Hampden-Sydney College Honor Code begins. The history of Game Theory details the creation and significant changes and additions made to Game Theory. The science of Game Theory gives a description of game theoretic techniques and definitions. The analysis of the Honor Code includes a complete definition of the game as well as strategy choice determination and the effects the Honor Code has.