Dustin S. Reynolds Ś Honors in Physics

Using a Jamin Interferometer to Study Non-Linear Optical Properties in Potassium Vapor
This laboratory experiment encompasses the construction of a diode laser and Jamin Interferometer in order to study non-linear optics and the two photon transition to gain information about the 4D energy level of potassium. In addition, data obtained from the use of the Jamin Interferometer allows for the index of refraction of potassium gas to be calculated. The experiment entails hands on experience with lasers, optical flats, different methods of detection, and interferometry. The terms interferometer and interferometry both come from the term interference. Interference is a phenomenon that occurs when waves of any kind (in this caseŚlight waves) come together at the same time and same place. In this experiment, the wave form subtraction method was used to measure a phase shift and then used to calculate the index of refraction in a potassium vapor cell.