Bryan Hicks—Honors in History

The Spot Ad Candidate: The Influence of Television on Presidential Politics, 1952-1964. This is a study of the development of televised presidential campaigning. The elections of 1952, 56, 60, and 64 are studied regarding the use of television to promote the various characteristics of each candidate. The study not only looks at the successes of television campaigning but also the failures of television campaigning. The study also attempts to focus on the possible issue of whether or not television is a responsible medium for presidential campaigning. Does the use of television demand a discussion of the domestic and foreign issues, or does its use simply rely on the importance of appearance? From Adlai Stevenson’s “Bob and Ike” campaign to Johnson’s “Daisy Girl” ad, The Spot Ad Candidate comments on the development of television as a useful and dominant medium of presidential campaigning.