Brendan Lee—Honors in Psychology

The Relationship Between Child Abuse, Multiple Foster Home Placements, and Psychopathology. A great deal of research today is focused on the foster and adoptive population. More recently, researchers and policy makers alike have invested a great deal of time and money in placement stability research (Hartnett et al., 1999; Newton et al., 2000; Ryan & Testa, 2005). There is however a lack of research that evaluates attachment as a related factor in determining placement stability. In this study, archival data was coded and evaluated for placement history, psychopathology, attachment classifications, and age of first removal into substitute care. These identifying factors were compared using a series of Chi Squares. The results showed that there was a significant relationship between multiple placements and psychopathology as well as a significant relationship between age at first removal into substitute care and comorbid psychopathology. A Pearson's correlation coefficient showed that there was a significant positive relationship between multiple placements and the presence of psychopathology. Implications and future directions are discussed.