Abhishesh Regmi—Honors in Physics

Polarimetry of Rhodomine 6G (590nm). A study of the optical properties of the laser dye Rhodamine 590 dissolved in both ethylene glycol and ethanol will be presented. Investigation of circular dichroism of Rhodamine 590 in ethylene glycol showed a slight rotation in the polarization ellipse. Further analysis will hopefully yield a conclusive result. A study of the anisotropic property of the laser dye using pump-probe technique will also be presented. A dependence of the ellipticity ,polarization rotation, and refractive index difference in the flouresence of the laser dye has been observed as a function of input polarization angle. Refractive index differences on the order of +/-(10^-5 * 10^-6) were observed. This data is in agreement with published result.