Christopher Scott Thompson—Honors in History

The Devil Himself Could Not Catch That Old Fox. Francis Marion played a large, yet neglected, role in the American Revolution. This research paper follows Marion’s activities through the war beginning with the siege of Charleston in 1776. The main focus on the paper is Marion’s actions following the defeat of General Horatio Gates at the Battle of Camden in August of 1780 followed by the defeat of General Thomas Sumter two days later. As the only American Patriot force in South Carolina for two months, Marion was able to win numerous skirmishes and engagements which spread Cornwallis’ army thin and prevented Cornwallis’ march on North Carolina. Eventually, Marion would amass a sizable militia force and use it to help drive Cornwallis from the state rather than let it succumb to British rule. It is this paper’s contention that without Brigadier General Francis Marion, the southern United States would have remained British colonies and for his actions, General Marion deserves our praise and admiration.