The purpose of the Incident Management Team (IMT) is to provide a coordinated approach to preparing for, responding to, and managing an emergency incident at Hampden-Sydney College.   

Incident Management Team (IMT) Members
The IMT is comprised of key College administrators who are responsible for preparing for, responding to, and managing campus emergency incidents.  IMT members are as follows:

Provost (Dr. Dennis Stevens)  434-223-6114
Director of Human Resources & Title IX Coordinator (Ms. Sue Carter) 434-223-6220
Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police (Chief Mark Fowler) 434-223-6164
Dean of Students (Dr. Robert Sabbatini) 434-223-6127
Director of Communications (Mr. Gordon Neal) 434-223-7229
Director of the Library (Ms. Shaunna Hunter-McKinney) 434-223-6193

The IMT is supported and supplemented by the following College administrators when necessary:

Dean of the Faculty (Dr. Mike McDermott) 434-223-6112
Vice President for Business Affairs and Finance
(Mr. W. Glenn Culley, Jr.)
Director of Student Health Services at Wellness Center
(Ms. Margaret P. Graham)
Director of Physical Plant (Mr. John Prengaman) 434-223-6161

Any member of the IMT should contact any other member at any time regarding emergency incidents.  Additionally, any member should take the initiative to convene a meeting of the IMT whenever it is necessary to do so before, during, or after an emergency incident.  The IMT makes appropriate decisions and executes those decisions to ensure the safety and security of students, faculty, and staff.

Communication With IMT During Incident
The public safety official at the incident scene serving as incident commander will initiate communication with the IMT. The communication is to ensure support resources and effective communication with the community.

Recommendations to the President (or Dean of the Faculty)
When time and circumstances permit, the IMT makes recommendations to the President of the College.  If the President is inaccessible, then the IMT makes recommendations to the Dean of the Faculty.  The IMT executes the President's (or Dean's) decisions and directives to ensure the safety and security of students, faculty, and staff.