Dear Colleagues, 

As a way of keeping the College community in touch, we are introducing the Tiger Insider! This site will replace our HR newsletter and will allow all departments and individuals of the College community to post announcements as well. 

Don’t’ worry! You will continue to receive an email from me when a new version is available.  However, you should get in the habit of reviewing the Tiger Insider regularly, as the announcements are updated as they are submitted.

Do you have a Personal announcement, such as a birth, death, lost & found? Click on the  green  Send an Announcement button below, complete the form, and submit. Once approved, your personal announcement will appear on the Tiger Insider.

Do you have an Activity or News announcement, such as an ongoing project, recent travel, interesting conference or webinar, or grant information? Click on the orange  Send a News Story button below, complete the form, and submit. Once approved, your activity or news will appear on the Tiger Insider.

Faculty/Staff changes will be posted on the site by Human Resources. And we will continue to include Employee Trivia and prizes!

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that our annual picnic will still happen, albeit not until we are all able to gather legally. We will keep you updated, of course, via the Tiger Insider.

Finally, don't forget about our so far very successful H-SC Heroes Program! To participate, simply volunteer 2 hours of your time with our partners - Farmville Cares - or make a financial contribution to the organization in the amount of your hourly pay x2 or more!  As a “THANK YOU” for assisting our community on behalf of the College, each staff participant will receive 4 hours of vacation time to use between July and December, and each faculty participant will be entered into a raffle to win a $200 gift card. All participants will also be awarded H-SC Heroes status and swag! Reach out to Meghan at to sign up.

Cheers to New (fiscal) Year!



Employee Changes

Cynthia Vaughan left the College on June 5
George Johnson left the College on June 8
Ms. Jane Holland left the College on June 30
Bill Anderson left the College on June 30
Bob Herdegen left the College on June 30
Robb Koether left the College on June 30
Zach Basham left the College on June 30
Trent Kays left the College on June 30
Alex Auner left the College on June 30
Julian Whitney left the College on June 30





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Get to know our fellow employees and WIN prizes! First person to send an email to with the name of our colleague who, has performed or assisted with over 10 autopsies, will win themselves and the colleague in question some prizes!

  • H-SC Bids Farewell to Retiring Professors

    With a combined tenure of 113 years, Bob Herdegen, Robb Koether, and Bill Anderson have put down their gradebooks to step into retirement. On behalf of our entire community, we thank you for your years of dedication and service to the College and her students.

    Retiring Professors