On June 28th, the Hampden-Sydney College football program invites you to attend an on-campus, personalized visit with our staff.  This is a great opportunity to meet our staff, current players, and learn about how we use football as a tool to educate men within the College’s mission of forming good men and good citizens.


Since 1776, Hampden-Sydney College has held true to our mission of forming “good men and good citizens,” men who are prepared to meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities that await outside our gates.  Our student-athletes choose H-SC because they recognize the many benefits of a traditional liberal arts education.  Balancing academic rigor and intellectual inquiry with a nationally-competitive football program, we believe that Hampden-Sydney Colleges provides the most transformative experience for a young man in this country.   We encourage open discussion, healthy debate, and a respect for different points of view.  We encourage our men to challenge themselves, to forge their own unique paths while drawing inspiration from the generations who have gone before them here. What does all this mean for the everyday life of a Hampden-Sydney Man? It means that our men are encouraged to be smart, to grow confident about expressing their ideas, to step up and assume leadership roles, to take risks in the classroom, and to excel on the football field. It means that our men examine their beliefs and consider new perspectives. It means they explore all of their interests, from economics to literature to the fine arts. It means they make friends for a lifetime from a student body of diverse backgrounds. It means they graduate with maturity and self-awareness, ready to build a life of meaning and commitment. Our focus on the education of young men results in better learning, stronger character, a lasting Brotherhood, and more confident men. Fostering learning, growth, and maturity, we welcome student-athletes who wish to excel both on the field and in the classroom and look forward to your visiting our campus and learning more about our College and our storied football program. Get a great education; compete annually for conference titles (1st or 2nd, sixteen of the past eighteen years); make best friends for life!

Marty Favret, Head Football Coach

Football ODAC Championship Rings

As a select prospect,

YOU will have the opportunity to tour our beautiful 1300-acre campus, experience our football facilities, spend time getting to know our coaching staff, and introducing yourself to many faculty and staff on campus. Check-in will be on June 28 at 10:00 am in the Kirk Athletic Center and the day includes a lunch with the coaching staff.

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