Hampden-Sydney College continues to offer an exceptional experience for young men.  Philanthropic support from alumni, parents, friends, and other organizations makes the "atmosphere of sound learning" a continued reality for our students. 

Unrestricted gifts to the Hampden-Sydney Fund totaled $2,538,868 in the 2017-2018 fiscal year, a record high for the College.  Those gifts allow Hampden-Sydney to recruit and retain a healthy student body from diverse geographic, socioeconomic, and academic backgrounds by funding merit-based and need-based financial aid.

Thank you to each donor who provides the resources necessary to ensure our students have opportunities to achieve excellence at Hampden-Sydney College.

Hampden-Sydney Fund Giving




Alumni 1572 $1,339,769
Current Parents 53 $41,272
Past Parents 140 $83,379
Friends 80 $34,462
Faculty and Staff 54 $32,835
Students 144 $5,600
Foundation 17 $99,697
Corporations 10 $56,711
Matching Gifts 35 $59,928
Others 29 $785,215