Health Survey:  The Health Survey is open on the beBetter Health website.  The survey must be completed by anyone who wishes to take advantage of the beBetter Health Program.  The assessment establishes a baseline for the employee to measure goals and accomplishments throughout the year.  Upon completion employees receive 100 points.  I have attached the Quick Start Guide to assist new participants in creating your accounts.

 VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:   Employees and spouses who completed the Wellness Screenings on campus in September 2016 or sent information via their PCP are required to complete the Health Survey on the beBetter Health site by February 3, 2017  in order to maintain the Wellness Discount of $25.00 per participant per month.  If you do not complete the Health Survey by this date, your premium discount will be reduced to $12.50 per month.  Go to  For login assistance:  Please call 866-900-5325, Monday - Friday, 9:30am-6:30pm or email: You can also call me for assistance at ext. 7224.     

Financial Wellness Seminar:  Adea Finch, H-SC Wellness Advocate, Jerome Clarke, CPA and VACU will host a free financial education seminar on Thursday, February 9th  at the Parents & Friends lounge.  Two sessions have been scheduled, 10:00am or 11:30am.  You can acquire effective strategies and tools to reduce your debt in this interactive workshop.  No registration is required. 

A Year of Health Program:  Registration is now open for the beBetter Health Program, "A Year of Health".  Every month, you will get new tips and activities to improve a different aspect of your health.  As you complete each month's activity, check it off your calendar.  Once you've completed at least six activities by the end of the program and take the survey at the end, you will receive credit for your participation. 

Drop It Challenge:  Ready to lose a little weight?  Join the Drop It Challenge today.  This 8-week challenge rewards you for recording your weight on a regular basis.  Each week you will receive tips and strategies via email to help you manage your weight.  Record your weight twice a week during the challenge using the weight section of the My Trackers page. Registration deadline is February 3, 2017.  This challenge runs fromJanuary 23, 2017 - March 24, 2017.  Good luck.....  Participants who complete the program will be entered for a grand prize at the end of challenge. 

LiveHealth Online:  See a doctor 24/7 at the convenience of your home or office from your computer or mobile device.  Register at

Adea Finch, Wellness Advocate,   is available for telephonic coaching.  You can text/call Adea at 804-914-2500 or email at  to schedule a time. 

Wellness Committee

  • Sue Carter, Director of Human Resources
  • Debbie Herndon, Benefits Manager
  • Lynise Anderson, N.D., Wellness Coordinator with Virginia Private Colleges Benefits Consortium
  • Adea Finch, H-SC Wellness Advocate with Virginia Private Colleges Benefits Consortium
  • Cheryle Dixon, Webmaster
  • Beth Graham, Director of Student Health Services
  • Andrea Jones, Director of Wellness Center
  • Betsy Leonard, Director of TigeRec, Cross Country & Head Swim Coach
  • Kim Michaux, Bookstore ManagerJohn Shelton, Assistant Fire Safety Technician
  • Erika Spudie, Assistant Athletic Trainer

TigeRec Fitness Classes

Exercising in a group has been shown to help increase motivation and add enjoyment to fitness programs. There is a growing demand for such classes and we have carefully selected the following in an effort to keep our members strong, healthy, fit, and happy! Please feel free to join us! 

Groups Fitness Schedule


beBetter Health

A website promoting ways to improve Health and Wellness. This program has been made available through our  Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia Benefits Consortium, Inc. Track all of your programs, screenings, and progress on your goals.

beBetter Health LOGIN PORTAL

Wellness Calendar

Wellness Calendar

Wellness at H-SC

Adea Finch
CICV Wellness Coach 
H-SC Wellness Advocate
(804) 914-2500

Dr. Lynise Anderson, N.D.
CICV Wellness Coordinator

Debbie Herndon
H-SC Benefits Manager

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