For questions, concerns or complaints regarding unlawful harassment or discrimination, employees should follow the Complaint Procedure discussed in the Harassment and Discrimination Policy of this Handbook.  For all other questions, concerns or complaints, refer to the problem resolution procedure discussed below.

 Work-related complaints or problems are of concern to supervisors as well as all other levels of management. In order to provide employees an effective and acceptable means of bringing problems concerning their work to management's attention, there is an established problem resolution procedure that is to be used by all employees.

Employees are encouraged to discuss problems openly, candidly, and courteously. There will be no recrimination against anyone for presenting a complaint or discussing a problem with a supervisor. The purpose of the following procedure is to make Hampden-Sydney College a more pleasant and productive place to work.

The following are examples of circumstances that may require resolution through the process described below:

  • Application of College policies, practices, rules, regulations, and procedures believed to be to the detriment of an employee
  • Treatment considered unfair by an employee
  • Improper or unfair administration of employee benefits or other conditions of employment

 Any employee who has a question about interpretation or application of College policy, or is in disagreement with a fellow employee or supervisor, should take the following steps:

The immediate supervisor: If an employee has a complaint to make, or feels any action by the College or the supervisor is unjust, that employee should talk to the supervisor about it. The supervisor knows more about the employee's job circumstances than any other member of management and is in the best position to handle complaints or problems properly and expeditiously. Supervisors are to be approached within five (5) consecutive workdays of the employee's awareness of a problem. If the problem or complaint is with the supervisor, the employee is to omit this step and go directly to the Senior Cabinet Officer.

The Senior Cabinet Officer: If the employee has not received a satisfactory answer or resolution from his/her immediate supervisor, that employee has five (5) working days to refer the problem in writing to the Senior Cabinet Officer or the next higher level in management. If assistance is needed in preparing a written statement, the employee may contact the Director of Human Resources. The Senior Cabinet Officer will then provide the employee with a written answer within five (5) working days of receiving the statement. If the Senior Cabinet Officer is the immediate supervisor, and the issue has not been satisfactorily resolved, the employee should proceed directly to the Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer.

Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer: If a satisfactory resolution is not reached in the prior two actions, the employee should then present the written complaint to the Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer. The Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer will attempt to resolve the problem within five (5) working days and notify the employee of the decision. If the problem is not resolved to the employee's satisfaction after notifying the Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer, the employee may proceed to the President of the College.

President of the College: If the employee is not satisfied with the resolution provided by the Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer, that employee will have five (5) working days to request an appointment for a personal interview with the President of the College. The President will then discuss the problem with the employee and review all aspects of it thoroughly. The President shall respond within five (5) working days of the personal interview. Because the responsibility for the operation of the College has been delegated by the Trustees to the President, any decision rendered by the President in the resolution of a complaint is final and binding.