The Performance Evaluation process is initiated by the Human Resources Office, which is responsible for issuing the appropriate forms and instructions.  The procedure is as follows:

  • Supervisors and employees are notified of the time schedule of the annual review process and are given the cost-of-living adjustment and the merit adjustment rates, if applicable.
  • Supervisors are provided with evaluation forms for each employee in their department.  The immediate supervisor prepares the evaluation and signs it.  The evaluation form is then submitted to the appropriate Senior Cabinet Officer by the supervisor.
  • The Senior Cabinet Officer reviews the form and discusses any concerns with the supervisor.  Upon determination that the evaluation is fair and appropriate, the Senior Cabinet Officer signs the form and returns it to the immediate supervisor. 
  • The supervisor schedules a meeting with the employee to discuss the evaluation, allowing several days' advance notice in order to give the employee time to prepare for the discussion.  A copy of the completed evaluation is given to and retained by the employee as part of the evaluation process.
  • At the conclusion of the discussion, the supervisor will ask the employee to sign the original copy of the evaluation form.  Employees are encouraged, and should be allowed sufficient time, to prepare comments to be attached to the evaluation.  The employee's signature will be delayed until all attachments are complete and added to the evaluation.  Any employee comments or attachments will remain with the evaluation through the entire performance evaluation process.  In the event the employee does not agree with the performance evaluation, the employee may request a discussion with the evaluator's immediate supervisor or the  Human Resources Office.
  • Completed evaluation forms are forwarded by the supervisor to the Director of Human Resources for review.  The Human Resources Office will send copies of the completed performance evaluation to each employee.  The original evaluation will be maintained in the employee's personnel file in the Human Resources Office.
  • Supervisors are advised to maintain appropriate records to aid with the annual performance review and are encouraged to review work performance with each employee periodically throughout the year.

Performance evaluation forms can obtained at:

Exempt Employees: eval_exempt.doc |eval_exempt.pdf

Non-Exempt Employees: eval_non_exempt.doc | eval_non_exempt.pdf