Employees may attend classes at the College during the regular academic year. Such classes taken on campus do not have to be job-related. The College pays the full tuition costs, and participants in the program are allowed to be absent from the job in order to attend.  The following limitations apply:

  • The program covers only classes taken for credit.
  • This benefit does not apply to May Term classes.
  • Employees are allowed to take no more than one (1) course per semester.  
  • Because of limited classroom space, first priority will be given to full-time College students. 
  • If work-release time is granted, the hours must be made up during the same workweek, or earned leave time must be used.

Procedure:  The employee should obtain a "Request to Attend Classes at Hampden-Sydney College" form from the Human Resources Office.  This request must have the approval of the Registrar, the employees' immediate supervisor, and the appropriate Senior Cabinet Officer prior to submission to the Human Resources Office.  The form should be submitted to the Human Resources Office at least ten (10) days prior to the beginning of the semester.  The Human Resources Office will forward one copy to the Registrar's Office and will retain one copy in the employee's personnel files, and a copy will be forwarded to the employee.