Student Use of College Vehicles for Personal Business

Students will be assigned vehicles for daylight use only.  All vehicles loaned to students must be returned the same day loaned prior to the close of the business day.

Any vehicle assigned for student use that is not returned at the close of the normal business day will be reported to Campus Security and Police by the motor pool administrator (Motorpool Manager, Buildings & Grounds) or a designee. Campus Security and Police will undertake a search of campus to locate and return the vehicle. 

Student personal use is limited to a ten mile radius of campus.  Students will not be able to use the vehicle to drive to any other location which is more than ten miles distant from the College.

Prior to being issued keys to a vehicle, student drivers must read the terms of this privilege and properly complete the sign out form.  In the information that students must read prior to being assigned a vehicle, is an acknowledgement that any violation of College policy on vehicle usage may be in violation of the Code of Student Conduct and possibly the Honor Code.


Faculty and Staff Use of College Vehicles for Personal Business

All users will pay the prevailing mileage rates as contained in the College's approved Operating Budget for the type of vehicle assigned. Cash or checks payable to Hampden-Sydney College only will be accepted at the time the vehicle is returned to Buildings and Grounds.

All new staff will have motor vehicle reports prepared and reviewed by the Human Resources Office prior to employment.  Significant violations of the Virginia Motor Vehicle code may be cause for denial of employment.