The following employees of the College are assigned vehicles on a regular basis for their use in the performance of College business:  President, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, and Director of Physical Plant.  These individuals are henceforth called the "Assignee."  This policy sets forth the guidelines for use of these vehicles and for reporting personal use as required by current Internal Revenue Service regulations and reasonable business practice.

Assigned vehicles are normally of a color and model appropriate for representing the College.  Sport utility vehicles, two-door models, and convertibles are not allowed.  (Exception:  Director of Physical Plant may be assigned a sport utility vehicle.)  The Controller and Assistant Treasurer, in consultation with Assignee, will purchase all vehicles.

The vehicle must be used for business purposes and should not be used by anyone other than another College employee performing College business.  This prohibition includes use by a spouse or other dependent.  (Exception:  A spouse or dependent may be permitted to use the vehicle if such use is clearly in the College's interest--for example, transporting the employee to and from an airport.)

For purposes of security and convenience, the Assignee may drive the vehicle for travel from home to work, as such use is considered business use. 

The Assignee is expected to share use of the vehicle with other College staff members whenever such sharing can be reasonably accommodated.  If such shared use is by a person not in the department of the Assignee, it should be reported to the Motorpool Manager of the Department of Buildings and Grounds so that proper charges can be made.  Otherwise, all charges will go to the account of the Assignee.

The College recognizes that under certain circumstances, a College employee's personal use of a vehicle may be necessary.  These occasions should be kept to a minimum.  To properly account for such personal use, each Assignee must submit a monthly Vehicle Utilization Report stating the purpose of any personal use and the associated mileage.  This report must be signed by the Assignee's immediate supervisor and submitted to the Business Office no later than five (5) working days following the end of the month for which mileage is being reported.  The Business Office will compute the charges (at the College's prevailing mileage rates) and bill the Assignee's personal account with the College.

Daily maintenance of the vehicle is the responsibility of the Assignee.  The Assignee must notify the Department of Buildings and Grounds of any repairs needed.  All other maintenance is the responsibility of the Department of Buildings and Grounds.  The Assignee should not take the vehicle to any repair facility.  When away from campus, the Assignee may take the vehicle to an authorized dealer for emergency repairs.  When this occurs, the Assignee must contact the Motorpool Manager of the Department of Buildings and Grounds as soon as possible so that arrangements for repairs can be made with the dealer.

The Assignee is expected to keep the vehicle neat and clean in appearance.  Vehicles may be washed, cleaned, and waxed by the Assignee or by College personnelIf the Assignee needs the Department of Building and Grounds personnel to clean the vehicle, as much advance notice as possible is requested because there are no personnel assigned exclusively to cleaning vehicles.