A resignation is a statement of an employee's voluntary intent to terminate employment with the College.  Employees wishing to resign should notify their supervisor in writing at the earliest possible time.

Non-exempt employees are expected to give at least two weeks' notice prior to termination. Exempt employees are expected to give at least four weeks' notice prior to termination. Failure to provide appropriate notice may affect future College employment opportunities.


Employees who are considering early or regular retirement should consult with the Human Resources Office for pertinent information regarding pay and benefits at retirement. Employees should submit written notice of intent to retire to their supervisor at least 90 days before the first day of retirement.


The elimination of positions or the reduction in the number of hours required for particular positions may be necessary because of numerous circumstances, including the restructuring, reduction, or elimination of a department or services. Should this happen, exempt employees will be given up to four weeks' notice, and non-exempt employees will be given up to two weeks' notice.


Any employee of the College without an employment agreement for a specified duration is an employee at-will and may be terminated at any time, for any reason or no reason. At-will employees may be terminated as part of a chain of progressive discipline or without prior disciplinary action when their actions, in the College's judgment, warrant immediate termination.


When leaving the employment of the College, either voluntarily or involuntarily, employees must schedule an exit interview with the Director of Human Resources. During the interview, employees are invited to share opinions and comments about working at the College. Information provided is kept confidential and may be useful in helping to improve operations at the College.

In the case of voluntary termination, employees must provide the Human Resources Office with a letter of resignation. The following subjects may be discussed during the exit interview:

  • The reason for termination
  • Status of insurance conversion privileges
  • Options available for the retirement plans
  • Salary and/or vacation pay due (or owed)
  • Forwarding address
  • Return of keys, uniforms, credit cards, and any other College property in the possession of the employee
  • Outstanding debts to the College

Failing to return College property in a timely manner may affect the issuance of your final paycheck.

Upon termination of employment, the Human Resources Office will notify telecommunications department to cancel any phone cards, cancel any open charge accounts, and notify the computing center, library, and any other appropriate departments of the departure of the employee.


The Human Resources Office will respond to inquiries for reference by prospective employers of current or former employees. When such inquires are made, information given will be limited to verification of employment dates, job classification, and the location at which the employee worked.


If you have elected College health benefits, your coverage will continue to be effective through the end of the month in which you separate from employment.

It is the responsibility of individuals leaving the employ of the College to contact the Human Resources Office to obtain information on the conversion privileges of group health insurance and to complete the proper forms for continuing the benefits desired. If this is not done, these benefits will be lost.

For questions about continuation of health insurance coverage (COBRA), retirement, or other benefits related questions, call 434.223.7224 to speak with the Benefits Manager.


The final paycheck will be issued as per the regular pay period and pay date schedules. Leave balances subject to payout will be paid by check on the next pay date following the final paycheck, pending return of College property.

For payroll processing questions, contact the Payroll Manager at 434.223.6225.  


Voluntarily terminating employment while in good standing with the College maintains eligibility to be considered for future reemployment. For questions pertaining to rehire eligibility, contact Human Resources at 434.223.6296.