April 27, 2018

Hampden-Sydney College recently held Final Convocation, which honors the accomplishments of students and one faculty member for the current academic year.

On Thursday, April 26, Hampden-Sydney College held Final Convocation. The event honors the accomplishments of students for the current academic year. In addition, one faculty award is presented. The John Peter Mettauer Award—presented this year to Professor of Economics and Business, Dr. Justin Isaacs '95—recognizes a member of the faculty for excellence in research. Dr. Isaacs returned to Hampden-Sydney to join the faculty in 1999 and has since been a consistently active scholar. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and presented papers at dozens of academic conferences. His research focuses on how cultural norms and institutions that promote individual economic freedom enhance social welfare through economic growth and entrepreneurial innovativeness. Recently, Dr. Isaacs made important contributions to this field, co-authoring publications in outlets such as the Journal of Private Enterprise and the Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy

Justin Isaacs receiving the Mettauer Award at Convocation

Final Convocation Award Winners

Administrative Awards

Dr. Justin Isaacs, John Peter Mettauer Award for Excellence in Research

Nicholas E. Matullo '19, Brown Teaching Fellowship  

Academic Success

Robert D. Morris III '20, Sophomore Academic Excellence Award

Thomas M. Rolf '20, Sophomore Academic Excellence Award  


Dakota M. Reinartz '18, James R.T. Hewett Biology Award

Coleman E. Johnson '19, H.B. Overcash Award

Corey J. Williams '19, H.B. Overcash Award  


Johnathan R. Mingione '19, Topham Chemistry Award  

Global Education

Quinn R. Sipes '18, Gemborys-Choate-Bouin-Swenson Award  


Grace Rust, David C. Wilson Greek Prize

Garnet S. Crocker '20, Leila B. Thompson Eta Sigma Phi Prize in Latin  

Economics & Business

Hayden J. Dougherty '18, Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award

Luis F. T. Duran '18, William R. Hendley Award in Economics  


Aaron G. Kurz '18, Grace and Hassell Simpson Prize

Zachary A. White '20, Sallie Wright Harrison Poetry Award

Charles F. Pisano III '19, Shelley A. Marshall Short Story Award  

Fine Arts

Quinn R. Sipes '18, Robert H. Porterfield '29 Drama Award

Ethan K. Betterton '20, Camilla Virginia Taylor Crawley Music Award

Carlo Anselmo '18, Kearfott Stone Memorial Music Award

Conner D. Williams '18, Randolph Minter Glee Club Award  

Flemming Center

Luis F. T. Duran '18, Tigers Den Entrepreneurship Award

Joseph M. T. Socha '18, Tigers Den Entrepreneurship Award  

Government & Foreign Affairs

Samuel S. Murphy '18, John Marshall Award for Excellence in Writing in Political Science

Ryan K. Gale '18, James Madison Award for Excellence in Political Science  


George S. Bennett '18, Etta Sawyer Hart Bliss History Award

Laken R. Williams '20, Willard F. Bliss History Award  

Math & Computer Science

William J. Smith IV '20, Macon Reed Award

Cameron S. Meyers '20, Macon Reed Award

Leonardo Anselmo '20, Selden-Franke Award

Carlo Anselmo '18, William C. Chewning Jr. Award  

Physics & Astronomy

Cody W. Smith '18, Hardy Cross Award

Jacob M. Gray '18, Hardy Cross Award

Cecil M. Tiblin '18, Weyland Thomas Joyner Physics Award  


Austin H. Hardman '18, Gerald T. Carney Award for Excellence in the Study of Religion  


William D. Godwin '21, Rhetoric 100 Essay Award

Douglas H. Hogan '21, Rhetoric 101 Essay Award

Colin L. Myers '21, Rhetoric 102 Essay Award

Bjore S. Samard '21, Rhetoric 210 Best Speaker Award

Garner H. Bayless '19, Rhetoric 310 Best Speaker Award

Robert P. Buttarazzi '18, Colbert Prize for Excellence in Rhetoric  

Student Affairs

Hollis L. Jennings IV '19, Jeffrey N. Friend Award  

Student Organization Awards

Parker T. Smith '18, Lewis and Nell Drew Student Government Award

Daniel A. Newberry '20, Resident Advisor of the Year Award

Cycling Club, David G. Fluharty V '20, Student Government Outstanding Club/Organization Award

Brandon E. Solomonov '18, Student Justice System Investigator of the Year Award

Ransom G. Stokes, Jr. '20, CAC Member of the Year Award

Hunter H. Hoffler '19, IFC Member of the Year Award

Lucian F. Bloodworth III '18, Senate Member of the Year Award

Joshua M. Katowitz '18, ODK Cohen Citizenship Award

Guerry G. Barton III '21, Outstanding First Year Journalist Award

Thomas M. Rolf '20, Philip H. Ropp Literary Award