The Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Affairs serves as the campus hub for positive interactions with all cultures. Our mission is to equip all students to cultivate meaningful, diverse relationships, to support students from minority groups, and to promote a culture of inclusion and respect on campus. We coordinate educational, cultural, and social programs throughout the academic year that

  • advocate for and support the development and achievement of underrepresented students,
  • encourage the development of academic, leadership, and cultural identity competencies among members of the Hampden-Sydney community,
  • promote inclusivity and respect for issues pertaining to race, class, gender, and sexual orientation.

As an international student you get a proper introduction among a very intimate community of people. Being in the countryside of Virginia feels like a real American experience.

Henrik Rasmussen ’03

Campus Diversity Groups

There are a number of groups on campus that serve students from underrepresented groups:

Minority Student Union -  The Minority Student Union is a group that has open membership to all students of Hampden-Sydney College. It works to bring programs that address diversity issues. The MSU consistently sponsors educational, cultural, and social events that offer enrichment to the community.

Unity Alliance - Founded in 2006, the Unity Alliance is a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Ally (GLBTQA) group. We work on leadership development, creating a support program and a safer, more inclusive GLBTQA-friendly campus.

Intercultural Affairs Committee - The IAC is made up of faculty, student, and staff representatives for the purpose of facilitating discussion of issues related to diversity on campus. The goals are to provide a campus forum for the discussion of intercultural issues, programs, opportunities, and problems; to identify the needs of and provide institutional support to minority students both individually and as a group; to sponsor on-campus programs and other vehicles to help educate all students as to the nature of the changing world about us; and to continue to support the work of the Assistant Dean for Intercultural Affairs.

Gender Issues Committee - This is a subcommittee of the Faculty Affairs Committee responsible for review and recommendation on concerns related to gender in the areas of college policy, curriculum, faculty evaluation, and cultural activities.