September 26, 2017

Hampden-Sydney students were busy this summer. 

This summer, many students chose to complement their Hampden-Sydney education with enriching experiences off the Hill. A sampling of these are shown with the nine students below. Click through the slideshow to find out what these Tigers did with their time off. 

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  • Sam Fleming '19 at the Drum Corps World Championship

    Sam Fleming ’19 spent his summer touring with the Carolina Crown Drum Corps. After three auditions, Sam was selected to be one of the 150 performers in the drum corps. His final performance was at the Drum Corps International World Championships, where they went on to win the bronze medal in front of 25,000 people in Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts.

  • A group of interns in from of NASA's Langley Research Center

    Wes Kuegler ’18, a computer science major, worked at NASA’s Langley Research Center this summer. He developed a simulator platform for rapid testing of atmospheric instrumentation to be used on the Mars 2020 rover’s descent vehicle. According to Wes, “It was truly exciting to work on a project that would directly impact a Mars exploration mission.”

  • Quinn Sipes '19 just below the summit of Mount Fuji in Japan.

    Quinn Sipes ’19 studied Noh, an ancient Japanese theatre form, in Tokyo this summer. Living and learning in a country with an unfamiliar language and three alphabets proved to be difficult but rewarding. Quinn said the class “taught me to focus on the details and work toward perfection.” Not one to turn down a challenge, he also chose to summit Mount Fuji before returning to the US.

  • Ryan Waugh '19 at Googlefest in South Carolina.

    Ryan Waugh ’19 interned at McMullen Public Affairs in Charleston, SC. Ed McMullen ’86 sponsored the internship at the corporate consulting firm, a practice he has consistently done each summer for Hampden-Sydney students. Ryan was excited about the things he got to experience, including attending Googlefest.

  • John Earle IV '19 with a young boy in Cuba.

    John Earle IV ’19 went to Cuba for a mission trip. In addition to practicing his Spanish skills, John volunteered at a local orphanage. He also spent a day with special needs children, playing volleyball, coloring, and playing frisbee. John says, “Seeing their smiles from that day will forever stick with me.”

  • The tabasco warehouse and John Pittman II '20 sealing a tabasco barrel.

    John Pittman II ’20 worked at the Tabasco Mash Warehouse of McIlhenny Company this summer. The famous pepper sauce is produced on Avery Island in Louisiana on a five-year cycle. John pumped the pepper mash into old whiskey barrels where it will sit for three years before being bottled and shipped to over 180 countries and territories.

  • Tyler McGaughey '18 with Will Echols '17 in front of the Tower Bridge in London.

    Tyler McGaughey ’18 and Will Echols ’17, who bonded during their time volunteering with the Prince Edward Rescue Squad, spent a month backpacking across Europe. The pair visited 11 countries in 31 days, traveling 200 miles by foot, 9,621 miles via plane, and 1,273 miles by train. Despite the distance, Tyler and Will managed to run into two H-SC students, Marshall Via '18 and Jake Lowenstein '18, who were interning in Germany and seated randomly beside them on a train from Prague to Munich.

  • Josh Katowitz '18 at his internship at IBM.

    Josh Katowitz ’18 earned an internship with IBM at Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, NC. As a professional procurement intern, Josh worked with the client services procurement team to gather and analyze contract information between clients and suppliers, and even got to work with the Watson supercomputer. The internship resulted with a job offer to begin June 2018 after he graduates.

  • Eduardo L. Valentin-Morales '19 and Dalton Hall '19 outside of Highclere Castle in Newbury.

    Dalton Hall ’19, who has always wanted to study at Oxford, got his chance this summer when he participated in the Virginia Program at Oxford. The six-week program examines the literature, history and society of late-16th and early-17th century England and allows students to earn three credits in history and three credits in English.