Hampden-Sydney College works as a community to secure grants support from public resources and private foundations for academic programs and College priorities.

Welcome to Academic year 2017-18. I hope that you will have a successful year, and hope as well that grants-seeking will be a part of your activities for the year.

Over the summer, the Provost, Dean of the Faculty and I collaborated on creating an infrastructure for our grants process that will facilitate broader communication about grants projects, targeted grantors, and roles for grants team members both pre- and post-award. The result includes a new "endorsement form," a grants preparedness checklist, and the addition of training modules in the Grants Community on Canvas. We will also implement an AIM (Award, Implementation, Management) meeting requirement for awarded grants so that projects are initiated in an intentional and beneficial way. The need to add this structure is a sign of our growth as a grants community and I congratulate you on that progress!

If you are not a member of the Grants Community in Canvas, you will want to join right away - just send me an email and let me know of your interest. Not only will all forms and training modules be found there, but with the new focus of our webpages, much of our internal communications about grants will move to the Canvas pages.

We are already off to a good start this year with Kristian Hargadon's submission to NIH over the summer, Kristin Fischer's award from the Virginia Academy of Science, and James Frusetta's recent invitation to resubmit a project that was declined last year. I can't wait to see what else develops this year and look forward to hearing about your own ideas and the projects we might develop together.

PJ. Townsend, Director of College Grants

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Proposal Tips of the Month

  1. Writing in the GuideStar Blog, Waddy Thompson succinctly describes the best attributes for the "Hallmarks of a Good Grants Writer."
  2. Audio training modules are now a part of the Grants Community in Canvas. First up: "Grants at Hampden-Sydney: A Review of Basics" This is a 10-minute training that you may access at your convenience. New modules will be added to the "training" file as they are recorded.
  3. As you review Funding Opportunities and consider Foundation-funded Fellowships, Idealist Careers suggests these "6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Appyling to a Fellowship" -
  • Am I at the right point in my career for a time-bound fellowship?
  • Do I have the time and capacity to prepare a competitive application?
  • How will the fellowship provide skills or experiences needed for your next academic step?
  • Will the fellowship provide you adequate financial and logistical resources?
  • Have candidates who are similar to you been selected for this opportunity?
  • What will you do with the time in between your acceptance and start of the fellowship?


This Month's Most Interesting Reading

 The Grants Toolbox page contains a library of resources to help you build your proposal.

Featured reports will remain in the Grants Connection, like this Month's Most Interesting Reading: 

Center for Entrepreneurship Launches to Address Public Policy Barriers Facing America's Entrepreneurs

Southeast of Now: Introducing a New Journal about Contemporary and Modern Asian Art

Students' Guide to Italian Renaissance Architecture

USDA, Economic Research Service: Rural Education at a Glance, 2017 Edition

Gates Foundation, "Varying Degrees: New America's Annual Survey on Higher Education"

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Academic Year to Date Awards (as of September 17, 2017) = $4,128,985
KUDOS Awards Ticker for AY 2016-17 = $737,777


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Scholarship and teaching are intimately related. Here are highlights of faculty research interests.

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