Get your box number at the Auction!

Closing: 8 PM EST December 20, 2017

Registration and Bidding portal

Notes for registration and bidding:

  1. Do NOT put spaces in usernames or passwords.
  2. Please use full name and class year (if applicable) when registering.
  3. Once logged in, hit the home button to the left of "Sell an item" to see the auction pages.
  4. The search bar to the right of the screen will help locate the desired box.  Do not change the "All categories" drop-down menu when searching.
  5. If the box you search shares numbers with others boxes, the search function shows all boxes with that combination of numbers.  You may have to scroll down and/or navigate to the next page(s) to find the correct box.   
  6. You should receive a confirmation email after registering.  Bidders will need to open the email and confirm their registration before starting to bid.
  7. When bidding, enter only numerals and a decimal point.  Do not add a dollar sign or any other characters.
  8. If using SAFARI browser, and your bid is not being processed, try a different browser.

Winners will be notified by email immediately following the auction close on Wednesday, December 20. 

Winning auction payments can be made through the PayPal portal or by phone.  You will not need a PayPal account to register, bid, or pay.  The PayPal portal does not require a PayPal account for use.  Winners will receive further notification with instructions for payment.  

Graham Hall Post Office box doors are mounted on a 9x11" wooden plaque with a smooth rounded edge, stained golden oak with a satin lacquer.  

The door is able to open and can be removed easily from the plaque if auction winners decide to use the door in another manner.  Combinations to the door lock will be provided to winning bidders.

Mail box doors are auctioned "as-is" with some doors being in better condition than others. 

Proceeds from auction sales will complete the required matching funds for a Cabell Foundation grant to the Brown Student Center.  Winning auction amounts are tax deductible minus $20 for the tangible benefit of receiving the mail box door.  Winners will receive a printed gift receipt for their winning auction a few weeks after the auctions close.  All mounting, shipping, and handling costs are factored into the winning auction amount and paid by Hampden-Sydney.

Post office box doors will ship from Hampden-Sydney College between four and six weeks from the end of the auction payment period. 

All questions can be directed to or (434) 223-6146 on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm EST during the auction period and until 8:00 pm EST on December 20.

Mailbox numbers correlate to the numbers used as of June 2017 prior to deconstruction of the Graham Hall Post Office.  Any box numbers not listed are missing from the collection of boxes removed from the Post Office.