Cat got your tongue?

Concerned about an upcoming oral presentation, debate, briefing, or interview? Baffled at the prospect of an oral exam? Does the thought of speaking before a group make your stomach churn? Eager to present your honors project but unsure of how to organize your material? Need help preparing to share your paper at a professional conference?

Relax. We have ways of making you talk.

Contrary to popular belief, effective public speakers are not "natural-born speakers." Public speaking, like any other skill, can be mastered through proper training, thorough preparation and sufficient practice. The consultants in the Ferguson Center, located in the Bortz Library, are available to assist you with the planning and presentation of your oral project. The Center is open to all students in all courses at all levels at the College. Faculty and staff members are also welcome.Services at the Ferguson Center include assistance with a range of oral skills, such as narrowing the topic, adapting to the rhetorical situation, coping with speaking anxiety, and improving both verbal and non-verbal delivery.

Before my time here at Hampden-Sydney, I would have never imagined myself speaking in front of so many unknown faces and feeling comfortable.

Darryl Bines ‘17

Contact The Ferguson Center for Public Speaking

Dr. Claire Deal, Director
Professor of Rhetoric
Morton Hall, 114
(434) 223-6988

Dr. Sean Gleason, Assistant Director
Assistant Professor of Rhetoric 
Morton Hall, 018
(434) 223-6435

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