What is the Writing Center, and what is it for? 
The Writing Center, located in the basement of Morton Hall, is open throughout the academic year as a service for those seeking to learn to write effectively. It offers tutorial assistance on individual writing assignments and self-paced materials in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style. Any Hampden-Sydney student may come to the Writing Center (free of charge) for assistance with any aspect of any writing project.

What do I need to do to get help?
To ensure that you are able to see a tutor at the time you desire, come to the Writing Center one or two days in advance of the time you will need help and sign up in the appropriate slot on the bulletin board. You are also welcome to drop by any time the Writing Center is open, even if you have no scheduled appointment. As soon as a tutor is free, he or she will help you.

Should I bring anything with me to the Writing Center?
Bring anything you have written on the project-notes, jottings, drafts, typed copy, or graded essays needing revision. If you desire help with grammar or punctuation, come with a clear sense of what particular issues are causing problems for you.

What about the Honor Code?
It is not a violation of the Honor Code to receive tutorial help in the Writing Center. In fact, professors in various departments at the College often recommend that their students seek tutorial assistance on writing assignments. However, you ought to indicate on the finished essays that you have been to the Writing Center for assistance.

Writing Center Tutoring Schedule

Contact the Writing Center Lab

Morton Hall Basement
Hampden-Sydney College
(434) 223-6010

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