The Annual YOU Innovate H-SC Tournament

Do you think you have what it takes to innovate an ordinary household object? 

The Flemming Center is excited to announce its first YOU Innovate Tournament. Put your entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, attitudes, and networks to the test. Students, faculty, and staff—individually or on a team (max 5)—are invited to create, measure, and communicate as much value as possible from an everyday "mystery" household object using only the resources made available to you. toilet paper rollsYou may use as much or as little of the raw materials as necessary. Be sure to capture your journey by documenting it on video as you transform and pitch your product.



You will be judged on the following criteria:

  • how well you defined the value of your object
  • how well you created value using the mystery object
  • how well you measured the value you created
  • the significance of the value created
  • how well you promoted the value you created

Contact YOU Innovate

Dr. Indu Khurana
Associate Professor of Economics and Business

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