When it comes to learning, don't all good colleges provide a similar experience?

They do not.

US News and World Report logo, 2017Forbes Magazine, US News and World Report, and The Princeton Review have all called Hampden-Sydney College one of the best private colleges in America. Here's why.

Hampden-Sydney's rhetoric program gives our students the advantage of superb writing and public speaking skills, the very skills that graduate school deans and Fortune 500 CEOs believe are crucial to success. Our students become great communicators that go on to make waves in the world: one in ten alumni is president or CEO of a business and another third are doctors, lawyers, or professionals. Our hand-picked, devoted faculty members urge them to learn deeply as they guide students through our carefully-crafted, broad-based liberal arts curriculum. In our small classes, students talk about what they're learning. Facts become knowledge, and knowledge becomes understanding. The unique freedom of male camaraderie provides the strength and confidence for which our graduates are known.

A small number of young men are admitted to this community each year. They are seeking something different, something fuller, something found nowhere else in the world.

"You can do anything with a degree from Hampden-Sydney College."