Good men make a difference in the world, and helping you become "a man who serves" is part of the mission of Hampden-Sydney College. 

Our Civic Engagement program provides you with opportunities for volunteer service and other forms of engagement outside the college gates. For some of you, this will provide practical experiences that will help you make career choices (like a career in service, coaching, or teaching). For others, it will give you a way to balance your studies with different pursuits, like working with kids. The habits, knowledge, and commitments you develop here will help you build a life after college that is fulfilling and meaningful, one that truly exemplifies what it means to be a good man and a good citizen.

Volunteer Service 
doing good with your time

Students at H-SC are doing amazing things - helping to build houses, working with kids, caring for abandoned animals, and cleaning up rivers and roadsides, just to name a few. Some are doing this work as part of service clubs, and some are simply individuals responding to a call for help with a particular project. You can jump into volunteering in lots of different ways!

Community Partnerships
connecting the College and the community

Hampden-Sydney is a proud participant of The Big Event, a nationwide day of service.

Hampden-Sydney has helped grow me into a more compassionate, humble person and it has made me realize that helping others learn and succeed is just as rewarding as doing it myself.

Brennan Louis Aust ’17
  • Students moving rain barrels at Hampden-Sydney College's The Big Event

    Students moving rain barrels at Hampden-Sydney College's The Big (volunteer) Event.

  • Students doing trail clean-up at Hampden-Sydney College "Tigers Serve" Orientation event

    Students doing trail work at Hampden-Sydney College "Tigers Serve" Orientation event

  • A student paints a horse fence at Hampden-Sydney College's The Big (volunteer) Event

    A student paints a horse fence at The Big Event

  • All first-year students begin their career at Hampden-Sydney College by volunteering for the community

    First-year students beginning their careers at Hampden-Sydney by volunteering for the state park system

  • Students working at a horse farm during Hampden-Sydney College's The Big (volunteer) Event

    Students working at GLC Horsehaven Farm during The Big Event

  • Students moving food pantry pallets during Hampden-Sydney College's TigerServe Event

Volunteer Service Opportunities

The Big Event, our annual campus-wide day of service, is held in the spring. Several hundred students participate in projects all across Prince Edward County as a way of giving back to our local community.

Animal Rescue Community (ARC)
The H-SC Animal Rescue Community works with the local animal shelter to help abandoned animals get adopted. They walk and socialize the dogs and cats. ARC has a theme house off-campus where they foster dogs. 

Circle K
Circle K is a Kiwanis-affiliated service and leadership club that does a wide range of service projects. They are known for work with the March of Dimes and have a theme house on campus. 

The Habitat club supports the local Farmville Habitat organization.  They organize volunteers for the builds, raise funds, and raise awareness. Contact: Dr. Susan Smith

HS Mentor Program
The Hampden-Sydney Mentor program pairs college students with local elementary and middle school students. Mentors go once a week to visit their "little brother" at school and become a positive presence in his life. 

HS Volunteer Fire Department
While not a student club, the Hampden-Sydney Volunteer Fire Department is largely staffed by students. It provides protection to the College and to several areas of Prince Edward County. Contact: Todd Pugh

Prince Edward County Volunteer Rescue Squad
The Fire Department operates an Emergency First Responder program that coordinates with the Prince Edward Volunteer Rescue Squad in the provision of emergency pre-hospital care. Contact: Todd Pugh 

Rotaract is a Rotary-affiliated service and leadership club. They run fund-raisers and do other service projects for the community. 

HS Cares for Kids
Run by ODK (Omicron Delta Kappa), this is Hampden-Sydney's annual campaign to buy toys and clothing for local needy children.

Community Partnerships

Developing strong partnerships in the Farmville/Prince Edward community is one of the ways the College demonstrates what it means to be a good citizen. This involvement enables the College to live into its mission and provides students with opportunities to develop their own commitments to service and active citizenship. 

One of the most significant issues in Prince Edward County, as in many rural counties, is improving the quality of K-12 education. We have identified the Prince Edward County Public Schools as a focal point for Hampden-Sydney efforts to serve the community. Thus, a partnership between Hampden-Sydney and the public school system is gradually developing. This partnership involves students, faculty, and staff working with all three of the local public schools. Some projects enable H-SC students to serve as role models and mentors, while other projects target academic enrichment.

In addition to this focus on public education, the College also has long-standing connections to a number of local institutions. These include the Moton Museum, the Fuqua School, Habitat for Humanity, and the FACES food pantry. The program will continue to support and deepen these important relationships, as well as establish connections with other local organizations serving the community.


Beyond the Hill

Beyond the Hill takes the mission of the College beyond the gates, creating good men and good citizens by putting Hampden-Sydney men in the field to participate in both adventurous and service oriented programs.

Beyond the Hill

The Big Event

The Big Event is a day of service with a simple message to the community - THANK YOU. It originated at Texas A&M in 1982 and is now one of the largest student-led service projects in the nation.

Register for The Big Event

Reggie Johnson '16

Reggie Johnson '16 accepted an offer to sign with Houston Astros.

Reggie Johnson '16