Critical Incident Management Plan

I. Introduction/Overview

1.1  Purpose

1.2 Shared Responsibility

1.3 Emergency Response

II. Critical Incident Management Team (CIMT)

2.1  Critical Incident Management Team Members

2.2 CIMT Supporting Members

2.3  Operations

III. Emergency Notification System (ENS)

IV. Additional Safety Measures

4.1 Emergency Contact Information

V. Hostile Intruder/Active Shooter

VI. Bomb Threats

VII. Fire

VIII. Chemical/Hazmat Incident

IX. Tornado

X. Power Failure

XI. Evacuations

XII. Emergencies

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Critical Incident Management Plan

The Critical Incident Management Plan provides guidance for a coordinated response to an emergency or disaster incident. It is not a full‐fledged emergency operations plan (EOP).  

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Pandemic Flu Plan

A plan to protect the health and lives of our students and staff by stopping, slowing, or otherwise limiting the spread of pandemic flu on campus.

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