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The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, published annually, has been a respected journal in the world of poetry for forty years. 

  • The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review is one of the longest continuously-run poetry journals in the United States.
  • It is one of only about a dozen established literary journals nationwide devoted solely to poetry.
  • The magazine has published new work by a long list of the world’s distinguished poets:
    • Pulitzer prizewinners W.D. Snodgrass, Kenneth Rexroth, Claudia Emerson, Louis Simpson, Charles Simic, and Henry Taylor
    • National Book Award winners Robert Bly, A. R. Ammons, and William Stafford, and Terrance Hayes
    • former U.S. Poet Laureate Mark Strand
    • Forward Prize and T.S. Eliot Prize Winner John Burnside
    • Other recent contributors include Carl Phillips, Robert Wrigley, John Kinsella, Lisa Jarnot, Lavinia Greenlaw, Billy Collins, Sherman Alexie, Todd Boss and many many others.
  • Prose and Poetry from the Review have been featured numerous times in recent years on Poetry Daily and Verse Daily.
  • Various poets and reviewers have the following to say about The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review:

    “I'm a real fan...”
    - A. R. Ammons (1979)-two time winner of the National Book Award
    “I like the look of it, the feel of it--the taste of it.”
    -William Stafford (1978), National Book Award Winner

    “...it has class.”
    - William Dickey (1979)

    “Great issues.”
    -May Sarton (1980), American Book Award Winner

    “...thanks for your good, good magazine.”
    -Richard Hugo (1981), winner of  the Theodore Roethke Prize and Helen Bullis Award

    “...it is an excellent publication.”
    -Josephine Jacobson(2001), National Book Award finalist

    “this [is] a journal that is as much about poetry as it is a showcase for poetry"
    New Pages (2012)

    “Nearly forty years on, the review is still finding new ways to spice things up under its covers"
    - New Pages (2014)