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Issue 42 of the Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review was published in December of 2016. This is a hightly unusual issue for us and possibly a first in the history of small American magazines. For this year's issue we have 49 sonnets all commissioned specifically for the journal. Writers, both solicited and unsolicited were asked to write a sonnet on one of five themes: AWalk, Silence, Water, Frames and Containers. Each poet was given only an hour to compose the poem (minus small revisions), and the form of a 'sonnet,' could be interpreted however was seen fit. Our idea began with John Keats' famous (or infamous) sonnet challenges with his friends, but it grew to something more than just a challenge, as his poems did too. In this issue you'll find a variet of takes on the sonnet, and on our themes, by writers like Maurice Manning, Jennifer Clarvoe, Lisa Jarnot, A.E. Stallings, Timothy Donnelly and many more.

Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review
No. 42, Winter 2016


Dan Albergotti
Anna Lena Phillips Bell
Jordie Albiston
Julia Bloch
Don Bogen
Laynie Browne
Stephen Burt
Laton Carter
Jennifer Clarvoe
Robert Cording
Peter Cooley
Stephen Cushman
Debra Kang Dean
Timothy Donnelly
Stephen Dunn
Patrick Ryan Frank
Eamon Grennan
Jay Hopler
Maria Hummel
Lisa Jarnot
Richard Jones
John Kinsella
William Logan
Cate Lycurgus
Maurice Manning

Mark McMorris
Nicholas D. Nace
Hannah Faith Notess
Bob Perelman
Jon Pineda
John Poch
Mira Rosenthal
Shane Seely
Glenn Shaheen
Rob Shapiro
Derek Sheffield
Evie Shockley
Britton Shurley
Lisa Russ Spaar
A.E. Stallings
Katrina Vandenberg
Wendy Videlock
Connie Wanek
William Wenthe
Fred Wilbur
Jessica Wikinson
Jess Williard
Eleanor Wilner
Robert Wrigley