Winter 2014 issue of the HS Poetry Review

Winter 2014

Issue 40 of the Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review was published in December of 2014.  It is an issue that circles arount an idea of loss.  This is not a theme issue, but an issue complied with a center in mind.  The poems speak to each other, and to the reader, about different kinds of losses—of people close to us, of innocence, of words' meanings, of the physical world around us and of things we didn't really know we even had. The issue features work by Merrill Gilfillan, Wendy Videlock, Maurice Manning, Katrina Vandenberg and others, some familiar in the pages of the Review, and others new.  This year's 4x4 also meditates on the losses the poems evokes - in stark terms both painful and hopeful. Much thanks to Michael Zigmond for the use of his beautiful work for this year's cover as well - what says more about loss than cut flowers?

Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review
No. 40, Winter 2014


Nancy Naomi Carlson
Liu Changqing
Robert Cording
Aaron Crippen
Allison Davis
Julie Funderburk
Merrill Gilfillan
Michael Homolka
Devin Johnston
John Kinsella
Shara Lessley
Marta López-Luaces
Maurice Manning
Robert Morgan
Jim Peterson
G.J. Racz
William L. Ramzey

Liz Robbins
David Roderick
Mira Rosenthal
Li Shangyin
Derek Sheffield
Katrina Vandenberg
Wendy Videlock
Abdourahman Waberi
Ronald Wallace
Li Yi