Winter 2015

Winter 2015Cover of Issue 41

Issue 41 of the Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review was published in December of 2015.  The issue came together, unexpectedly, as a surprisingly diverse book of forms - there are sonnets, rhymed quatrains, blank verse, rhymed couplets, odes, elegies, persona poems, nonce forms, free-verse and more. We didn't intend this effect, but it is a nice reminder that any talk of a 'current' poetics is a little silly.  There are folks out there doing anything we can imagine, and we've got a good selectin of it here. This year's issue features poems by Marriane Boruch, John Burnside, Laura Kasischke, Chri Dombrowski, Eduardo Chirinos and many others.  The 4x4 this year focuses on an enduring question - that of teaching creative writing.  Our four respondents  muse on how to run a workshop, what can be learned from favorite poems and what we all might be doing wrong when we think about learning to write.

Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review
No. 41, Winter 2015


Mikhail Aizenberg
Marianne Boruch
John Burnside
Eduardo Chirinos
Adam Clay
Jeremy Dae Paden
Chris Dombrowski
John Philip Drury
Nausheen Eusuf
Piotr Florczyk
James Harms
Tom Jungerberg
Laura Kasischke
J. Kates
Peter Kline
Jan Kochanowski
Margaret Mackinnon

Amelia Martens
Christophe Miles
Chad Parmenter
Patrice Pinette
G.J. Racz
Linwood Rumney
Ron Smith
Susan Stewart
Lesley Wheeler
Greg Wrenn
Theodora Ziolkowski