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Dr. Sarah Hardy with students

Welcome to Academic Year 2016-17! I hope everyone is well rested and that you enjoyed your travels, study, and family time over the summer. The Grants Office was busy too - here are some highlights:

A new Faculty Research page replaces the former Highlights page since highlights of our grants progress are already found in the KUDOS section we added last spring. The Faculty Research page provides an additional tool to attract external support for your research. I welcome your comments about both design and content. If you are not yet on this page, please let me know of your interest and we will work together to feature your research as well.  

KUDOS has moved to its own page, but remains linked from the Grants Connection on the main page. The need to make this move is a testament to our growing grants work - it became cumbersome to track active grants work in the middle of your Connection newsletter! I will continue the awards ticker in the Connection, and you can link from the monthly newsletter to see a listing of your own project and the details of your colleagues' proposals.  

It's not too early to think about our 2017 Grants Celebration. Balloons are not yet ordered, but the event is scheduled for February 23, Chairman's Room at Settle. We may have to adjust as a result of scheduling conflicts or weather, but it's good to have this mid-winter pick-me-up on the horizon. Please pencil this in your calendars now! Last year's active and emerging grants-seekers enjoyed the first Grants Celebration and I both welcome and encourage more of you to join us for this event in 2017. (Did I mention free food?)  

I hope these updates, new resources and grants news will launch you into a robust and successful grants year!   

PJ. Townsend
Director of College Grants
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Year to Date Awards = $38,792

Find here a running list of submitted and awarded grants. The current awards ticker will be updated on this page in each edition of the Grants Connection.

KUDOS Awards Ticker for last year (January 2016 - June 30, 2016) = $184,551

Proposal Tips of the Month

  1. Did you know that deploying sales strategies may better position you for grant awards? Consider these tips (with my italics added):
    · By researching a potential customer's (grantor's) website (and 990's) and sales (award) performance, you'll be in a better position to frame your product or service (proposal/project) in a way that seems helpful to the buyer (grantor), writes Razvan Gavrilas.
    · Sales departments (grants seekers) should also be willing to understand their competitor's (other grants seekers) methods and approach to analyze how they might outperform them. (also Razvan Gavrilas)
    · Sales (grants) proposals should be concise, accurate and personalized for the potential buyer (grantor), writes Danny Wong. As sales (grants) proposals can initiate a long relationship with a lead (potential grantor), they should always be honest and leave some flexibility for customization.  
  2. Five Crucial Facets of Successful Research Funding (Dr. Tilly's Blog at the Grant Training Center)  
  3. When you create budgets for proposals, bear in mind that you almost always include these three things:
    · current support (that's likely our contribution, both direct and in-kind, plus any known grants),
    · pending support (others you have approached with requests), and
    · gap (all or a portion of this is what you are requesting of the targeted grantor.) Your full project includes all of these things, not just what you are seeking from that grantor.  
  4. Find me in the Commons at lunchtime two or three days a week (or let me know day that works for you and I'll meet you there.) Feel free to chat over lunch about your research interests, ask grants questions, or discuss what additional support will help you in a grant quest.


Use this link to access the Toolbox page, where I have added a new section that hosts a library of resources to help you build your proposal.

Featured reports will remain in the Grants Connection, like this month's most interesting reading:  

The Power of Science Philanthropy (MUST read this one!)  

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