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Kristian Hargadon with students

Welcome to your new edition of the Grants Connection and .... October! Does anything move faster than the academic year? I am energized not only by the pace at which we move through our work and the AY, but also by the diligence of faculty and staff who are currently working on multiple, complex federal, state and private grants - including some individuals who are working on several projects at the same time. I'm not sure how there is sufficient time in the day, but I applaud your progress and our collaborations. Check KUDOS often to keep up with these projects as each is submitted.

I am also looking forward to presenting a grants workshop on September 29th for the new Early Career Professionals group. Thanks to Erin Cowling for organizing this group and the workshop. Both present a great opportunity to help emerging grants-seekers become comfortable with the process and connect with more-experienced collaborators, learn from each other about our campus community approach to grants-seeking, and generally encourage a continuing investment in grants - all while we get to better know one another.  

I hope you will find something in the opportunities announced below that will energize you! Please let me know if I can help you pursue an opportunity of interest. If you don't find what you are looking for, let me know that too. The more I know about your individual research and interest areas, the better I will be able to help you.  

PJ. Townsend
Director of College Grants
Estcourt Annex
Box 637

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Of General Interest:
  • Richmond the American International University, Summer Fellowships for Visiting Faculty, Deadline: December 16, 2016. If interested, please follow-up with the Office of the Dean of Faculty as only one nominee may be submitted from H-SC.
  • Inspired to Educate: Who Inspired You to Become an Educator? Story Award, Deadlines: Monthly award

Year to Date Awards = $39,592

Find here a running list of submitted and awarded grants. The current awards ticker will be updated on this page in each edition of the Grants Connection.

KUDOS Awards Ticker for last year (January 2016 - June 30, 2016) = $184,551

Proposal Tips of the Month

  1. Still sending those long, cumbersome links in the middle of your emails and reports? Try one of these tools instead:
    -Hootsuite, which gives us those "" addresses, is a free social media management dashboard - use it to shorten your links and to schedule/track your social media posts; and
    -Tiny url - click and drag this link to your browser toolbar to create tiny url's at the click of a button.  
  2. Twitter is a terrific place to locate grants resources and follow conversations about who funds what. Get started with these handles:            

    @macfound (the MacArthur Foundation)            
    @TheCollabSpace (CollabSpace)            
    @NEAarts (National Endowment for the Arts)            
    @SciPhilOrg (Science Philanthropy Alliance)            
    @SSNScholars (Scholars Strategy)            
    @dan_greenstein (Dan Greenstein, Director of Post-Secondary Success, the Gates Foundation)            
    @jamiemerisotis (Jamie Merisotis, President of the Lumina Foundation)            
    @GrantsQueen (Guess who?)   

  3. GuideStar Blog: A Foundation CEO's Six-Step Formula for Winning a Grant  
  4. Monitor your use of jargon when writing proposals - not all reviewers will be as familiar as you with your field of research. Helen Sword (University of Auckland) offers this advice: "For every piece of jargon that you decide to keep, make sure you give your readers a secure handhold: some background information, a contextualizing word or phrase. By the time you have clarified your usage, you might even find you can let go of the word itself."  
  5. Also from Helen Sword, the Writer's Diet, a site that allows you to test whether your writing is "flabby or fit." Important note: the site does not judge "good or bad" writing, but it is useful to help you tighten grammar, especially if you are unsure about usage.
  6. Find me in the Commons at lunchtime two or three days a week (or let me know a day that works for you and I'll meet you there.) Feel free to chat over lunch about your research interests, ask grants questions, or discuss what additional support will help you in a grant quest.


Use this link to access the Toolbox page, where you will find a section that hosts a library of resources to help you build your proposal.

Featured reports will remain in the Grants Connection, like this month's most interesting reading: