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Highlights of progress in our grants community are featured here for your information, collaboration and inspiration.

AWARDS TO DATE = $39,592
Erin Cowling and Tania de Miguel Magro (WVU), September 2016 American Society for Theatre Research
Target Research Area Award (defray research travel expenses) 
Beeler Brush for the Clay Target Club,
June 10, 2016
Midway USA Foundation
Team Endowment Grants
Justin Isaacs, July 2016 Institute for Humane Studies
Political Economy Lecture Series
Michael Wolyniak, Amorette Barber (Longwood), Rachel Goodman, Trey Thurman, & Bill Anderson,
July 13, 2016
Dominion Higher Educational Partnership
Prince Edward County Environmental Molecular Biology Institute (PECEMBI)
Brian Burns, July 1, 2016 VFIC
2016 Instructional Technology Program
Michael Wolyniak, May 31, 2016  American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology $500
SUBMISSIONS (since close of AY 15-16) $1,185,736
Larry Stimpert, September 1, 2016 Cabell Foundation
Challenge Grant for Brown Student Center

IA, August 31, 2016
CE Richardson Foundation
Grants for Student Scholarship Support 
Michael Wolyniak, Erin Cowling, Abigail Horne, James Frusetta, August 31, 2016 Council on Undergraduate Research
2016 Creative Inquiry and Undergraduate Research in the Arts and Humanities Institute
Institute Attendance (In-kind)
Robert Sabbatini, August 29, 2016 New Belgium Brewery  
Bicycle Advocacy Grants
Alex Werth, August 4, 2016 WM Keck Foundation
Science & Engineering Research Program
Justin Isaacs, July 19, 2016 Charles Koch Foundation
Academic Programs Grants
David Klein for Beyond the Hill Program,
July 13, 2016
Evelyn E. and Richard J. Gunst Foundation
Mission Travel Support

Alex Werth, July 1, 2016

Society for Marine Mammalogy
Research Grant
Beeler Brush for the Clay Target Club,
June 10, 2016
Midway USA Foundation
Team Endowment Grants
Kristian Hargadon, May 26, 2016 National Institutes of Health (AREA Program)
"Understanding the Role of Melanoma-associated FOXC2 in Tumor Progression and the Impact of Lymph Node Invasion by Melanoma on the Differentiation of Tumor-specific CD8+ T Cells"
PIPELINE 8 projects