TigeRec Fitness and Sports

Staying fit, healthy, and active is easy with TigeRec. In addition to using the Fitness Center and the Leggett swimming pool, students have access to group fitness classes, racquetball courts, a disc golf course, and intramural sports. 


Fitness Center & Kirby Gymnasium
Friday, March 10: 6am-8pm
Saturday & Sunday, March 11-12: 10am-5pm
Monday - Friday, March 13-17: 6am-8pm
Saturday & Sunday, March 18-19: 10am-5pm   

Leggett Pool
Friday, March 10: 6am-9am, 12pm-7pm
Saturday & Sunday, March 11-12:  10am-3pm
Monday, March 13:  3pm-7pm
Tuesday - Friday, March 14-17: 7am-9am, 12pm-7pm
Saturday & Sunday, March 18-19: 10am-3pm

Spring Semester Schedule

Fitness Center & Kirby Gymnasium

Leggett Pool

Monday-Thursday: 6am-10pm
Friday: 6am-9pm
Saturday, Sunday: 9am-8pm

Monday: 3pm-8pm 
Tuesday-Thursday: 6am-9am, 12pm-8pm
Friday: 6am-9am, 12pm-7pm
Saturday, Sunday: 9am-5pm 

Contact Information

Tiger Recreation Staff Front Desk
(434) 223-6699

Betsy Leonard
Director of Tiger Recreation Fitness and Sports
(434) 223-7221