The open enrollment period for benefit elections effective January 1, 2017 begins Monday, October 17, 2016 and ends at:  

  5:00 pm on Friday, November 11, 2016.

Important Notices:

     1.  Election Participation Forms:
Due to new regulations in 2017 related to the Affordable Care Act Reporting
Requirements, the Payroll Manager MUST have a current mailing address on file.  If
          you moved during 2016, you MUST complete the attached Election Participation Form.
          Please click on this link:  2017 ELECTION PARTICIPATION FORM  
          Complete all sections
of the form as it relates to you and your coverage needs for
          2017.  Forms must be completed and returned to the HR Office
          by November 11, 2016.

     2.  FSA Plans for 2017:
The Health Care allowable contribution is $2,550.00.  You still have until March 31st 
          of the following year to submit expenses incurred in the current year.
          2.  HSC allows a Rollover option of unused funds at the end of the plan year.  
          Participants may carry over health care balances up to $500.00 into the following
          plan year.
          3.  The maximum contribution amount for Dependent Care reimbursement is 

          Reminder:  You MUST complete a new application every year in order to 
          participate in the FSA.

     3.  Vision Buy Up Plans:           
          Vision benefits will continue to be offered through UniCare in collaboration with
          Anthem.  The UniView vision plan offered by UniCare is a voluntary buy-up
          plan.  There are no changes in coverage or in the premium cost.  To view the
          rates for 2017 please click on this link:  2017 Insurance Rates.

     4.  Anthem Medical Plans:           
          Benefits will remain the same; however rates have increased.  To view the new rates
          for 2017 please click on this link:  2017 Insurance Rates.  

      5.  Delta Dental Plans:
           Low and High Plan options will remain the same.  New for 2017:  The Low and
           High dental plans will now include coverage for Occlusal Guards for bruxism (treats
           grinding or clenching of teeth) under Basic services.  Low and High rates have
           increased.  To view the new rates for 2017 please click on this link: 
           2017 Insurance Rates.

      6.  Express Scripts:
           RX benefits and copays will remain the same.
                    *  Retail:  $10/$40/$60
                    *  Mail Order:  $10/$80/$120
                    *  4th tier cover specialty drugs at 20% up to $200 per script
                        maximum; Mail order - 20% up to $400 per script maximum.
                    *  Standard Preventative Care Medications benefits will remain the same
                       with no Co-pays.  There will be no charge for these drugs.  You can view
                       a list of ESI standard preventive care medications below under 
                       Prescription Drug Coverage.
If you want to add/change Medical, Dental or Vision you MUST complete an application
and the
2017 ELECTION PARTICIPATION FORM for the plan(s) you are adding/changing
only.  Application
forms for each benefit are provided below.  You can complete the
application online.  It can be
saved to your computer.  
Completed forms should
be sent to:  

Debbie Herndon, Benefits Manager, at one of the following:
dherndon@hsc.edu, or fax (434.223.7049), or Campus Box 127, or delivered to the
office on
the 2nd Floor, Cabell House.

Forms must be RECEIVED by 5:00 pm on Friday, November 11, 2016.
Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance 

Anthem (Medical): Information Booklet
Summary of Benefits and Coverage
Preventive Care
CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program)
Non-Grandfathered Status
Women's Health & Cancer Rights Act
Coverage for Spectrum Disorder
HIPAA Special Enrollment Rights
  HIPAA Privacy Notice
  Americans with Disability Act Notice
Delta (Dental): Information On Low Option
  Information on High Option
  Delta Dental Network Providers
UniView (Vision):                 Information Booklet on High Option
  UniCare Member Online Services

Prescription Drug Coverage

Express Scripts (Prescriptions): Information On Coverage
                                                        ESI Standard Preventative Care Medications 
                                                        ESI Home Delivery & Mobile App Information
                                                        ESI Mobile App Registration Instructions
Flexible Spending Accounts

LD&B (FSA): Information Enrollment Packet
  HIPAA Privacy Notice LD&B

FSA Direct Deposit Form