March 25, 2016

Over Spring Break, Steven Ponce '17 reunited with Army buddies in Puerto Rico. 

The sun is beating on your skin as you lie on a white-sand beach and let your thoughts wander aimlessly. This is the picture that many people imagine when you say "spring break" and it's only the start of what Steven Dino Ponce '17 did this year.  
Steven enlisted in the Army in 2011 while still in high school. He was stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina for training and made lifelong friends in the process. Now, almost three years since the time he last saw them, the group reconnected in beautiful Puerto Rico. They wanted somewhere tropical that they had never been before and came to the conclusion unanimously. Relaxation was not enough for these Army buddies, though. The three sought adventure so they loaded up their week with everything you could think of. They swam off the white-sand beaches, explored the old Spanish forts, went mountain biking and hiking in the mountains and rainforest, experienced the night life in the cities, and even toured the Bacardi factory there. 

Steven, a Foreign Affairs major, applied to Hampden-Sydney in 2013 and now serves in the Army Reserves. 

Steven Ponce in Puerto Rico